Indra is awarded a contract of 173 million euros to digitize the management of European air navigation

Indra has been awarded a framework contract from Eurocontrol valued at 173 million euros to digitize the management of the European air navigation network. The Spanish company has imposed itself on the main companies in Europe and has become the main technology provider for the digital transformation of Eurocontrol, responsible for managing the air navigation network at the European level.

Under the agreement, Indra will strengthen the safety and efficiency of air transport thanks to the use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence solutions, virtualization, machine learning and advanced flight plan processing.

Indra’s CEO, Ignacio Mataix, assured that the combination of Indra’s multidisciplinary dimension and its leadership and experience in the sector have given the company a unique position to take over the project. In fact, numerous branches of the Indra group will take part in the project: from teams of Air Traffic specialists in Spain and Germany (through the Avitech subsidiary), to the technological solutions subsidiary Minsait through Paradigma, the digital transformation consultancy of the group, and ALG, the consulting firm specialized in aviation, infrastructure, transport and logistics.

“Having been selected as the person in charge of digitizing the European air traffic network, a critical project for the future of air transport throughout the continent, is the culmination of Indra’s growth process in the Air Traffic sector in the last 25 years “Mataix continued. Likewise, it has underlined the support of the Spanish Administration and international institutions. For his part, the general director of Eurocontrol, Eamonn Brennan, has indicated that the program will facilitate the continued provision of innovative solutions focused on the client to the parties involved and has stressed that it is “the largest individual program for its amount in the history of Eurocontrol “.

The iNM system

The future integrated management system (known as iNM) will calculate much more precisely the ‘slots’ available at each airport, which will optimize each air movement and avoid CO2 emissions. The complete digitalization of the management of the data that make up the aeronautical information of the continent will allow to keep updated in an automated and agile way all the information on the structure, sectors in which the airspace is divided, airways, assets available for their management, systems of surveillance, military areas closed to traffic at all times, and so on.

Eurocontrol will also have the most advanced tools to check the flight plans of each aircraft that airlines send for prior approval. The professionals of this organization strategically plan each operation weeks and months in advance and review and fine-tune it as the flight date approaches and thanks to the new network manager they will be able to do it more precisely.

The integrated network management system (iNM) will also be a central element in the construction of the European Digital Sky, the collaborative ecosystem that will turn the EU into a more efficient and sustainable airspace that will have a network made up of 68 information centers. air control and more than 500 European airports.


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