Indonesia will resume the search for the black box of the crash aircraft of Lion Air

Indonesia will resume the search for the black box of the crash aircraft of Lion Air

The Indonesian authorities will resume today the search for one of the black boxes of the Lion Air airline that crashed in October in the Java Sea, causing the death of the 189 people on board.

The director of the National Transport Safety Committee (KNKT), Soerjanto Tjahjono, indicated that the military vessel KRI Spica will sail towards Cape Karawang, near where the accident occurred, if the weather conditions are favorable.

"I think this ship is sophisticated enough to help us find the CVR (recording the conversation of the pilots in the cockpit)," Soerjanto told Efe in a telephone conversation.

Soerjanto explained that the search, interrupted since November by the bad weather in the area, and the bureaucratic and budgetary obstacles, will last a week, and that the black box beacon has 3 months of autonomy.

The Lion Air plane rushed on October 29 against the sea at great speed within minutes of taking off from Jakarta after the pilots had problems with the aircraft's controls.

The search teams found the other black box that records the flight data of the aircraft three days after the tragedy, which allowed the KNKT to prepare a preliminary report on the causes of the accident.

The document focuses on the operating manual of the crashed model, a Boeing 737 Max 8, the arrangement of defective sensors in the last four flights and the performance of the pilots, but does not determine the culpability of any of those involved.

Lion Air financed a second search of the CVR through a private company for 10 days between the end of December and the beginning of January, without obtaining results.


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