July 25, 2021

Inditex, BBVA and Repsol, the companies with the most capacity to attract talent

Inditex, BBVA and Repsol, the companies with the most capacity to attract talent


Inditex, BBVA and Repsol, in this order, are consolidated on the podium of the companies with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent in Spain. This has been decided by more than 30,000 people who have been surveyed in the 13th edition of Merco Talent in Spain 2018, a reference ranking in our country (which is also done in Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru). that gathers the hundred organizations with greater attraction to work in them according to several groups consulted. In the top 10 and after the first three appear: Nestlé, Santander, Mercadona, Telefonica, Coca-Cola, Mapfre and Caixabank.

Most of them are also leaders in their respective sectors of activity. These are the case of Inditex (fashion distribution), BBVA (banking sector), Repsol (oil companies), Nestlé (food), Mercadona (general distribution), Telefónica (telecommunications), Coca-Cola (drinks) and Mapfre (insurance companies).

In this edition of the ranking there have been several developments. In addition to evaluating companies based on their talent management, the research also offers very useful information about different groups that have participated in the study. Thus, different perceptions have been detected among veteran workers, more than 50 years, and young people, under 30. The first ones are shown more proud of belonging to your company, but they are less satisfied with the motivation and recognition received. But nevertheless, young people value more the relationship with the middle managers, although they do not find so much satisfaction with their salary. The situation of women is another aspect addressed by the study: more than 55% of those surveyed consider themselves discriminated against with some frequency or habitually, a perception that is much less in men. The report recognizes the slow but steady growth of number of women managers.

In order to develop this ranking, three key values ​​that determine the labor attractiveness of companies have been taken into account: the labor quality, the employer brand and the internal reputation. And on this have been pronounced different groups: 18,415 workers, 6,199 university students in the last courses, 1,206 alumni business schools, 8,091 citizens, 107 Human Resources managers, and 53 experts and headhunters. There has also been an analysis of the best talent management policies from 70 companies.

Merco does not receive subsidy or sponsorship, it is financed exclusively through the marketing of confidential reports. The weighting criteria are public and available on the web www.merco.info

After the presentation of Merco Talent Spain 2018, the round table "Talent: key pillar of reputation" took place, a meeting where aspects such as the talent needed and wanted in organizations or the most valued type of leader were addressed. The IE teacher Margarita Mayo He acknowledged that "current leadership models are failing and that makes talent escape, because they prefer humble, authentic and collaborative leaders." Therefore, it is "vital that we all question the leadership model in our companies to improve the pride of belonging of our employees," he said. Juan Pablo Arrieta, Director of Communication of the ESIC.


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