October 30, 2020

Indian opposition leader arrested in protest over dismissal of senior official

Indian opposition leader arrested in protest over dismissal of senior official

India Police arrested the main leader of the Indian opposition and president of the historic Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, after leading a protest against the dismissal of the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Alok Verma.

"Congress President Rahul Gandhi and other leaders have been arrested," spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala confirmed on his official Twitter account shortly after the arrest.

The arrest of the politician of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty came at the end of a demonstration called by the Congress Party in the vicinity of the headquarters of the investigating body in New Delhi.

In it several thousand people participated and several militants of the formation were arrested and taken to a police bus, Efe corroborated.

The protesters protested the dismissal of the "number one" of the CBI, which Gandhi has attributed to the police agency was asking questions about an agreement to acquire 36 French aircraft Rafale, which involves the Government of Narendra Modi in a millionaire corruption complaint.

The CBI, the country's leading investigative agency, this week recorded a case against its "number two," Rakesh Asthana, after a businessman accused him of accepting a $ 410,000 bribe.

Asthana, on the other hand, had pointed out to the director of the agency for allegedly boycotting several investigations and even wrote to the Cabinet of Ministers to affirm that Verma tried to save some defendants in relevant cases.

Thus, the Government announced last Wednesday that the top leaders of the CBI had been suspended.

The investigation body recently addressed the alleged irregularities in the acquisition of the aircraft, after a month ago the former French President François Hollande alleged that India favored a company in the pact.


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