India Martínez: “If you try to be what you are not so that they do not judge you, you are a lie”

Cordovan singer and songwriter India Martínez recently premiered the single No me enough, a collaboration with Dvicio, which puts the artist on the road to her ninth studio album and is preceded by her debut as a writer. The poetry collection Verdades a medio, beautifully illustrated by India herself, delves into the depths of herself and her experiences, taking the reader into her most personal universe. The interpreter of Ninety minutes goes up to the stage of Las Nights del Malecón, in the Murcian capital, after recently overcoming the coronavirus.

-Some of his albums are titled 13 truths and Other truths and now he presents his book Half Truths. Do some truths hurt and therefore are they half?

-There are some truths that one is not prepared to receive at that moment and sometimes you try to save some element. When you are ready, you tell the other part, and I, who make music, behind some songs I have beautiful stories that have marked me from which these end up being born. Outside of the songs, I also have some personal moments or reflections, surrounding or parallel stories or the simple fact of delving into my memories or imagining, help me to write them.

-In the first pages, he admits that he was a little scared to venture into writing. There is a chapter to confinement. Has that time of disconnection helped you when writing it?

-This year that life has stopped us has made this arise much earlier: I have started to write more times, without tours, without trips, without any rush. I have tried to take advantage of the situation, yes, when I unblocked myself, since the first months were all very difficult, the fear of not knowing what was happening, the people, the television … it was all crazy. When I passed that parenthesis I started doing new things. I took out La Saeta, I took out a song dedicated to pharmacists and did several live shows from home for my followers. As a result of all this I sat down to write, I began to flow in an amazing way … The fact of writing in prose, for me, who was not used to it, has given me a lot of freedom and I began to compile little things that I had written for a long time. and in time, half songs that I had saved and that’s how I started this book. I respect the profession of the writer a lot, but that has not stopped me from being honest with myself and for anyone who wants to know me a little more.

– “There is only one life to live, let no one make us bitter, not even ourselves”, she writes right after a chapter in which she talks about toxicity. Have many “brown people” (that’s what she calls toxic people? ) for his life? Do you think that at some point you were?

-Too many! And of course, of course I have been a brown person at some point. In the end, we are our worst danger, in reality, we do not have to be influenced by others but, sometimes, that energy sticks. As I say, the bad energy is palpable in the environment and in the end it ends up flooding you. It is in oneself to allow that not to enter, even sometimes I think that our own head is the worst enemy and seeks victimhood, to think of the negative before the positive. We are the ones who have to do the work of throwing out all those thoughts and keeping all the good stuff. I am a very peaceful person who always sees the good side of things but of course, there are days when I am not so positive and I can become a toxic or brown person.

-His family is very present. And its roots more. In fact, in the book you tell some of his memories with his mother at home. What do you think of those who deny their origins when they are humble?

-They are not going to find themselves so easily. It is important to know where you come from, it sounds cliché but, if you try to be what you are not or camouflage or hide your weaknesses by the fact that they do not judge you, you are a lie, you are a pose and in the end that can fall apart. In the end, there are things from my past or my beginnings that are not so beautiful but they are part of me. I am very proud to have been born into such a humble family and that they have taught me those values ​​of overcoming those things, becoming strong and continuing to grow.

-There is a lot of feminism in the book and even an ode to women. Have you ever been uncomfortable in the world of music, especially in its beginnings, because of the fact that you are a woman?

-I have been very lucky because I have always felt very well protected and treated with great affection. I have had a moment of progress and struggle, however, other generations have had it even worse. Before, the simple fact of being an artist in the world of music was even frowned upon, that is an extreme that I have not come to feel. I have very good colleagues who have taken care of me and love me very much, and it is reciprocal but, yes, from time to time, you find yourself with a different look that just because you are a woman does not give you the strength or the place you deserve for the work you do. Sometimes it is noticed through this or through the micromachisms that are perceived day by day. We have no choice but to continue fighting, without claiming anything either since I don’t want this to be a war. As I say in the ode to women in the book, we talk to each other, all women depending on the society they are in, the country, ethnicity or religion have a higher or lower level of development. It does not mean that each one is worse or better but that each one lives its evolution within what they have to live. With the ode I want to represent my message of helplessness in this situation. Nobody can tell you that you can’t and you have to know how far you can go as a woman. Let no one deceive us or tell us that we cannot go to school, that we cannot have a decent job charging the same as a man …

-How is this adaptation to the concerts of the covid era going?

-The contact is missed a lot, I always say that I am a bear: I love to get off the stage, hold someone’s hand and sing to them. We have to deprive ourselves of these things right now and hopefully the normality of before will arrive soon, not the new one. But I like the smaller format, with a single instrument, as I did many times as a young girl.


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