March 5, 2021

India Martínez discovers ‘Palmeras’ in an intimate format at the Auditorium

Cordovan singer India Martínez, in a promotional image.  |  |  LP / DLP

Cordovan singer India Martínez, in a promotional image. | | LP / DLP

The singer India Martínez (Córdoba, 1985) arrives on April 25 in the capital of Gran Canaria with the presentation of her latest album, Palmeras, the eighth album in her career, in which she pays tribute to the popular Cordoba neighborhood in which the artist was raised. The album was published in October 2019, and it is now when the tour and concert is activated, which has been postponed twice due to the pandemic situation. Initially scheduled for May 1 of last year, it was postponed to November 29, and now April is looming on the horizon as the final date.

The India Martínez concert will be with a reduced capacity in the Alfredo Kraus symphony hall, depending on how the health situation evolves, and in an intimate format. The artist will be accompanied by two musicians and two choristers.

The new album by India Martínez, the artistic name in which Jenifer Yésica Martínez Fernández takes refuge, is “a return to the starting point as a basis for breaking borders. With the incorporation of more complex melodies and sounds, which give her voice an unprecedented freshness and power, the new India delivers a work full of femininity, strength and talent, the definitive overcoming of the alloy of flamenco and pop that has catapulted her as an essential artist ”, according to the singer’s website.

Palmeras confirms India Martínez as one of the great artists of the decade. The musical universe of the Cordovan woman is fed by flamenco and pop. And that transition from flamenco to pop is one of his strengths that is projected in the enchantment of his songs. Despite her youth, India is already a veteran of Spanish music, with eight albums, gold and platinum records and her recognition at international awards, including several Latin Grammy nominations.

The singer dazzled at short distances when she premiered in 2004, at the age of 17, with Polka Dot Tiles, “an eminently racial work.”

The other musics

Four years later he began the journey towards new music and composition in Despertar, which was nominated for two Latin Grammys: Best New Artist and Best Recording Engineering.

From here, the artist wanted to experiment with other ways of working, in short, to find herself. He settled in Madrid and multiplied his studies between harmony, piano, acoustic guitar, singing, interpretation and dance, and would reap the fruits in 2012, when he achieved his first Gold Record with Thirteen truths, which for 48 weeks, the album was on list of best sellers in Spain.

The way of India continued with Other Truths (2012), which was Platinum Record, a work in which he gave up the witness of the composition to surrender to the interpretation; and to take the reverse path in Camino de la buena luck (2013), in which she regained prominence as an author. This album, which was a Gold Record, is impregnated with the music and experiences lived by the artist during her stay in countries such as Mexico and Colombia, in what constituted a new stage of growing miscegenation.

India Martínez would continue to accumulate new triumphs as a result of the release of the album Dual (2014), also a Platinum Disc, in which she sings with Abel Pintos, Enrique Iglesias, David Bisbal or Franco de Vita, among others, with a repertoire of fifteen compositions. An album this one that was the prelude to I tell you a secret (2016), another Platinum in his collection, which was placed at number 1 of the best sellers in Spain in its first week.


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