India is covered with lights to celebrate Diwali, the new year of Hinduism

Hundreds of millions of Hindus celebrate Diwali today, the most intimate night of the year for Hinduism, in which they cover with a blanket of lights the streets and homes of India to celebrate the mythical triumph of the god Rama against the devil Ravana

The festival marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year, which makes it a kind of Christmas in which gifts, sweets, good wishes and family reflections are shared.

The streets of New Delhi look less crowded than usual, families take advantage of the non-working day to complete the preparations for the night and some make last-minute purchases.

According to tradition, the way of return of the divinity was illuminated by the people with lamps and candles, so tonight hundreds of millions of people light oil lamps and firecrackers to guide the return home of Rama, who returns home after spending fourteen years fighting in exile.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, took the opportunity to wish "that this holiday brings happiness, good health and prosperity for the life of all!".

"May the power of good and brightness always prevail!" He added in a message through the social network Twitter.

"Diwali is a time to celebrate various things, from family and friends to the triumph of good over evil, a festival blessed by peace, harmony, enlightenment and rejoicing," Citizen Pawan Kumar told Efe.

Like Christmas in countries with a Christian roots, Diwali is a festival in which concord, union and sharing are called.


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