India celebrates its national day teaching military muscle in front of Bolsonaro

India celebrated on Sunday its 71 day of the Republic, date on which the approval of its Constitution is commemorated, with a traditional parade where it showed its military power and its cultural diversity with the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, as special guest.

The central capital of Rajpath Avenue was the scene for another year of the weapons exhibition, including the ballistic missile "Dhanush" with the capacity to transport nuclear arsenal, attended by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and members of the Government and Parliament as well as the Indian president, Ram Nath Kovind, among others.

The show of Indian military power was followed by a cavalcade of mobile stages in several states of the country of 1,350 million inhabitants, enlivened by dances and cultural events, under the watchful eye of thousands of people.

Before the parade, Modi opened the day with the traditional offering to the military martyrs that this year took place for the first time at the National War Memorial, inaugurated in February last year, and that until now was held at the Gate of the India before the flame to the unknown soldier.

India invited this year to the ceremony the president of Brazil, who is in the Asian nation on a four-day official visit that will end tomorrow.

The right-wing Bolsonaro is in the country with a markedly economic agenda and yesterday signed fifteen agreements with India to facilitate the investment and exchange of oil and biofuels.

Parallel to the parade, the country was the scene today of protests in some cities against a controversial legal amendment that seeks to give citizenship to irregular immigrants from neighboring countries but excludes Muslims.

India has been the scene of demonstrations since the amendment to the Citizenship Law was passed in Parliament last December, on violent occasions and in which at least 25 people have died.

A women's-led camp in a neighborhood in the south of the capital continued today with its protest against the text, has continued for more than a month, while the local Indian Express newspaper reported demonstrations in the eastern state of Bengal.


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