Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Independentistas y comunes stir Ciutadans for "stirring the confrontation"

Independentistas y comunes atizan a Ciutadans por “agitar la confrontación”

The pro-independence parties and Catalonia In Comú Podem have joined this Wednesday to attack Ciutadans for their "tension", endanger the coexistence and "stimulate hatred" in Catalonia for electoral purposes. It was during the plenary session on the coexistence that took place this Wednesday in the Parlament. The spokesman of Cs, Carlos Carrizosa, intervened to criticize that the Government denies a social fracture in Catalonia, has urged him to admit it and has considered that Torra "is not the most adequate so that there is no social conflict".

The president has replied to Cs that with their "attitude" it is they who "put coexistence at risk". "Look for another tone, with tension will not solve anything," said Torra, who has also considered Citizens is immersed in a "race for the most staid Spanish" with the PP, while he has criticized that he has supported an "indecent" monarchy and of mafia behavior ".

"They do not have their own project beyond dividing, and therefore can not build. They fatten generating hatred and division "

On the other hand, the president has offered to Carrizosa and his party to hold "a debate on independence, without threats, to see if independence is appropriate or not." "If you really care, correct your example and your attitude in this chamber. And we talked. I have the words of the Palau open ", riveted the president. And it is that for Torra, it is the attitude of Cs that harms precisely the coexistence that they claim.

In the same line, ERC, CUP and the common ones have been expressed. On the part of the republicans, the spokeswoman, Anna Caula, has accused the deputies of Citizens of being "the kings of confrontation and provocation" and live more comfortable in the conflict than with the large consensus. "They do not have their own project beyond dividing, and therefore can not build. They fatten generating hatred and division, "he added in his speech in the framework of the monographic debate in Parliament promoted by Cs. Caula has denied that in Catalonia there is a social fracture, as denounced by the orange party, and he has reproached them for having grown "by the wave of linguistic division". "Stop lying, attacking, destroying and dividing. Stop a moment and reflect, they are always angry. They always speak in negative, while we try to build, you destroy. "

CatECP accuses the party of Inés Arrimadas of endangering coexistence by attacking the Catalan school model

The leader also accused them of interpreting "a script already written at ten o'clock in the morning" to be abroncados by the protesters quoted on October 1 before the Parliament by the CDR. Caula has reproached the orange party that warned journalists that, coinciding with the mobilization, would leave the chamber "surrounded by a hostile environment", according to his words.

The deputy of Catalonia in Comú Podem (CatECP), Susanna Segovia, accused the party of Inés Arrimadas of endangering the coexistence by attacking the model of Catalan school and has demanded to leave aside the question of teaching: "Leave the schools in peace ", he asked, before considering" outrageous "the" attacks "of the orange party to the model of Catalan school.

Segovia has also found that the orange match appears in all cases of "conflict" on the street: "They are always involved, be it before, during or after, Cs always appears," he said. And he insisted that the Catalan school model is the "greatest" consensus that Catalonia has achieved since the restoration of democracy. Also, the deputy warned the group of Cs that will remain "only as they are now" if they continue attacking the Catalan education system. "Schools in Catalonia do not have problems of coexistence, the problem perhaps you have," he finished.

The CUP denies that there is a social fracture in Catalonia due to the independence process, but it does warn that "there are growing social inequalities"

From the CUP, Vidal Aragonès has denied that there is a social fracture in Catalonia due to the independence process, but he has warned that "there are growing social inequalities" that cause huge differences between the sectors with higher incomes and those with lower incomes. In his opinion "it is flatly false that there were 4,000 companies that decided to leave Catalonia," although he admitted that "some of these companies" moved their headquarters, "mainly those most linked to the 155 parties."

To Citizens, this same deputy of the CUP has reproached him that "he spent the whole summer asking for neutrality in public spaces doing partisan acts", and pointed out that "public spaces do not have to be neutral, but reflect political plurality from the country". "They speak of social fracture and we deny that there is a national struggle for independence," he said, "but there are growing social inequalities between the classes that hold power and the popular classes."

PSC-Units criticizes the Government of the Generalitat that link progress to the achievement of independence and not have as a priority the social agenda

On the part of the PSC-Units, the deputy of the PSC-Units group Ramon Espadaler has reproached the Government of the Generalitat for linking progress to the attainment of independence and not having as a priority the social agenda: "For you sectoral policies are in a certain way secondary. " "For you the only perfect alternative is the Republic and this subordinates all the other proposals," he assured.

Espadaler It has afflicted the Executive of Torra that successive sovereign governments have legislated on social issues pursuing conflicts of competence with the State and not to resolve conflicts, and that the budgetary budget allocated to alleviating the effects of energy poverty has not been exhausted: " It means that it is not the priority. " In addition, he has called on the Govern and especially the vice president, Pere Aragonès, not to be absent from the multilateral forums in which issues such as the deficit and financing are discussed because they talk about resources "that are not of the Generalitat, but go into the hands of citizens. "

Alejandro Fernández believes that the Government of Torra is "already incompatible" with coexistence by not fulfilling its basic requirements

From the PP, the parliamentary spokesman, Alejandro Fernandez, has considered that the Government of Torra is "already incompatible" with coexistence by not fulfilling its basic requirements, and has urged Citizens to submit a motion of censure to "end the agony". Fernández has opined that the current Govern is "already incompatible" with coexistence, not only for its "lack of empathy" with non-independent Catalan, also for not fulfilling basic requirements such as the rule of law, respect for the principle of authority and commitment to the rules of the game.

The popular deputy, however, has considered that the Catalan executive "does not respect" the principle of authority and makes "pedagogy of insurrection." Therefore, it has indicated that Torra "does not fulfill any of the ethical commitments to continue as president". Fernandez recalled that the PPC supported the celebration of this plenary session for the coexistence promoted by Citizens, but has warned the orange training that "the time has come" to present a motion of censure against the president of the Generalitat, because the "Dignity" of the institutions "is at stake" and to "end this agony" of the sovereignty process.

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