May 14, 2021

Increase to 25 the dead in the fire of a skyscraper in Bangladesh

Increase to 25 the dead in the fire of a skyscraper in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi authorities raised the death toll to 25 today by the fire unleashed on Thursday in a skyscraper in Dhaka, which also injured at least 73 people, an event that has reminded the February that killed about 70 people in a similar tragedy in that city.

The deputy police commissar of the area where the incident took place, Mustak Ahmed, told Efe that 24 of the 25 bodies found so far in the building, which houses dozens of offices, have already been delivered to their families.

Authorities are continuing to search the skyscraper, fire inspector Mahfuz Riben told Efe, so the number of victims could still increase.

The fire broke out in the building around 12.50 on Thursday, local time (06.50 GMT), in one of the lower floors of the skyscraper.

In the first moments of the fire, many people were trapped in the building and several people died after falling into the void trying to escape the flames and smoke.

The incident occurred more than a month after a massive fire broke out in the old town of Dhaka on February 20, destroying almost seven buildings, leaving at least 70 people dead and 55 injured.

The fire, which lasted nine hours, brought back to light the precarious conditions of security in the country.

Bangladesh has been under scrutiny for years for its precarious industrial safety conditions, with poor low-cost facilities susceptible to fires and landslides.


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