August 5, 2021

Increase in bullying and sexual abuse of minors in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

Increase in bullying and sexual abuse of minors in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

The Superior Prosecutor of the Canary Islands, Vicente Garrido, has warned on Wednesday in the Canary Islands Parliament of the increase in bullying and sexual abuse of minors, which they intensify with the use of social networks.

Speaking to reporters after handing over to the president of the House, Carolina Darias, the memory of the Office of the Prosecutor last year, he commented that bullying "is very worrying" because it has a lot of media impact and also, the educational community does not count , sometimes, with sufficient resources to act.

In these cases, Garrido has admitted that the Office of the Prosecutor is limited by the age of the minor since the child protection services come into play or the school community itself, which manages to resolve and address many cases.

On a general level, she has said that cases of gender violence continue in figures "highly worrying", The most common crimes are those of house burglaries or those related to traffic safety.

Garrido has said that there is a "stabilization" of the number of crimes in the Canary Islands – just over 1,000 more than a volume of 140,000 – and has once again claimed the improvement of human resources in the Tax Office.


In that sense, he commented that the staff of secretaries "is insufficient" due to its stagnation in the last 10 years, and is palliating with staff of reinforcement, while the number of prosecutors is also "scarce."

"There is a significant lack in the two provincial prosecutor's offices because the prosecutors have to multiply like chewing gum assuming functions, "he added.

Garrido has also insisted that the prosecution should "make an effort" to better expose the data related to corruption and make them more visible "so that society can understand them better" because crimes such as prevarication, fraud, misappropriation, traffic of influences or embezzlement of flows since "not all obey what is commonly understood as corruption".


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