Inclusive yes, Special also “calls to mobilize against the” Celaá law

The platform in favor of special education centers “Inclusive yes, special also” has called for protesting against the “Celaá law”, on the understanding that students can be changed to ordinary centers even if families disagree.

After telematically meeting this platform with the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, this Tuesday she posted on her Twitter account: “The education bill will keep special education centers open and serve students with disabilities in the best conditions. Thus I have explained it to EspecialTambien today “.

However, the aforementioned platform has concluded: “Minister Celaá will keep special education schools open but your son will probably end up in ordinary.”

With the Lomloe, schools will have to act as centers of reference and support for ordinary schools, “without the bill guaranteeing their survival or their ability to serve the same number of students,” they said in a statement.

The platform has also understood that the educational administrations may “change from one modality to another a student with special educational needs, against the opinion of the parents and even against the opinion of the student himself”.

“It is necessary that families organize in cities to defend the rights of their children, it is necessary that students come out to defend the educational system that responds to their different needs, and that professionals also go out to defend their work”, have warned.


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