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The same has happened in France and what do we have? Early May 2021: the Government of France considers that inclusive language is an obstacle to student learning and should not be used as an alternative in the feminization of the language. Prohibited: “constitutes an obstacle to reading and understanding of writing.” In a thoughtful circular, addressed to rectors of the academy and to the staff of the Ministry, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, explains that inclusive language does not respect basic rules of concordance, affects reading aloud, and affects the pronunciation, when it comes to trying to express orally the spellings agreed by the inclusivators, with the @ and other signs used in this regard. The minister calls inclusive language an “aberration”, and considers it harmful especially for disabled children or children with learning disabilities. Expressions such as “les député · e · s” are prohibited, which, in French, combine the masculine plural (députés) with the feminine plural (députées), and which try to cancel the masculine, which is imposed when the word is pronounced in plural. We have already spoken of this on other occasions, but not as a legal obligation, but as the opinion of experts, who in old age have already embraced these inclusive claims in France, for example, the French Academy of the Language, which labels the use of these signs like this: “The multiplication of orthographic and syntactic marks leads to a disunited language, disparate in its expression, creating a confusion that borders on illegibility.”

Inclusive language Juan Ezequiel Morales

As always, these attempts to normalize the way citizens act from above is one of the consequences of the anomalous growth of states over individuals, of the setback in the advances made since the Enlightenment century to protect the citizen. of the Leviathan state. Already in 2015, Spain, at all levels (communities, councils, provinces, state) had 100,000 laws, with various contradictions between them, but always trying to order in all vital spheres, what they can or cannot do or trade the individuals, and 900 laws are published annually with almost a million more regulatory pages. Now inclusive language has been introduced into that Leviathan and, through the political commissariat of Equality, also a series of sexual, trans, LGTBi-etcetera, which form any conduct, no longer pertaining to the protected subjects, but to the free expression of third parties, in the spirit of legislating everything, as if citizens were robots subjected to a certain path in their ways of acting and expressing themselves, until now guided by natural common sense. The communitarian, socialist ideology is like a religion that watches over the common good by crushing the good of individuals. For example, in a socialist government such as that of New Zealand, led by Jacinda Ardern, the “Smokefree 2025” plan has already been launched, the year from which the sale of cigarettes will be banned to anyone born after 2004, in one more act of telling citizens what to do and how to live. The effects of these unnatural laws, legislated by the enemies of freedom, make them try to skirt around, and thus we have, for years now, cases such as Mexico, which has quotas for the appointment and election of transgender deputies, of Thus, in 2018, in Oaxaca, the State Electoral Institute provisionally canceled the candidacies of 17 men who posed as transgender women in order to enter the political competition. In this case, we must contextualize that there are areas in Oaxaca, such as the Juchitán muxe, in which the “third gender” has been traditional for centuries in the local culture. But what we are going to is the continuous contradictions of the artifices of this time in which cutting one’s hands with a knife, like Marina Abramovic, is art, but then Shakespeare or other classical Greek authors are banned from US universities as heteropatriarchal and racial, or statues of Columbus or Fray Junípero are defeated for genocide. However, friends, the waters always return to their course. Unless this plasma in which anything goes and everything is legislated, could be, perhaps, the channel of the future.


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