October 26, 2020

Inauguration of the exhibition ‘The rebel canon’ by Mark Aerial Waller in the CAAM – La Provincia

The Atlantic Center of Modern Art, CAAM, presents The rebel canon (The wayward canon), the first exhibition in Spain of the British artist based in London, Mark Aerial Waller. The sample, produced by CAAM, is curated by the Gran Canaria historian based in Eindhoven, Gemma Medina.

The exhibition brings together in CAAM- San Antonio Abad an interesting selection of works representative of the production of this English artist, who in 2001 founded the platform The wayward canon that gives title to the exhibition, a participatory event linked to the cinematographic practices that Waller will bring to Gran Canaria for the first time, after presenting it in different European cities, including London, where he activated it in Tate Britain.

The CAAM director will participate in the presentation, Orlando Britto Jinorio, the curator of the exhibition, Gemma Medina, and the artist Mark Aerial Waller, who will conduct a tour of the exhibition halls as a guided tour exclusively for the media.

The exhibition opens this Thursday, February 13, at 8:30 p.m., in the CAAM-San Antonio Abad space.

Mark Aerial Waller’s work transits between the video, the Photography and the installation going through the narrative languages ​​of cinema, television and video art. His work integrates multiple cross-references about cinema, music, art, astronomy, history, science and literature with elements of the pop culture That live in our memory.

Waller dilutes the lines that characterize and delimit each of these areas, appropriating the film genres, the perception of time and space, shaking the viewer’s logic to give way to curiosity for the unexpected. This creates works of unlimited significance that fluctuate between the conceptual and the material, the cult and the popular, the work of art and life, allowing different levels of interpretation that vary from the viewer’s experience.

Before he turned 20, Waller was already working at the London Film-Makers’ Co-op as a projectionist, watching hundreds of avant-garde films and experimental films. The almost humorous possibility, proposed by the structuralists, of reversing the established and expanding the possibilities of the medium involving the viewer confirmed his position in experimental cinema as one of the fundamental lines of his career.

This exhibition presents a selection of works that activate the legacy of the avant-garde as a space for breaking and expanding artistic conventions. Recovering science fiction as a shelter to imagine the utopia confronting the dominant trend that leads us towards a dystopian future of neoliberalism, climate change and post-truth.

It is about awakening the sense of the possible in the face of the paradigms that limit our perception before the screen and life. Reverse the limits that mark our status as recipients of images and information and question the possibility of being inhabited in another way. Waller invites us to explore, to look for new normative behaviors to free our imagination: practice yoga-horror, watch thriller series, participate in an event of The wayward canon and decide how to articulate a tour in search of the unexpected, with some doses of humor.


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