Inauguration of a statue in honor of the first dead child in the crisis in Nicaragua

Inauguration of a statue in honor of the first dead child in the crisis in Nicaragua

A statue in honor of the first child who died in the socio-political crisis in Nicaragua, Álvaro Conrado, was inaugurated in his study center, the Loyola Institute in Managua reported today.

The statue, an anime version of "Alvarito," as the Nicaraguans call it, shows the 15-year-old boy crossing a goal, whose ribbon is the Nicaraguan flag with the Ignatian phrase "In everything to love and serve."

The statue was unveiled Sunday at the Loyola Institute by the parents of the minor, Lizeth Dávila and Álvaro Conrado, in the presence of the school's educational community, friends and family.

The anime figure of Alvarito corresponds to the child's passion for Asian cartoons, and the fact of crossing the goal evokes the child as the outstanding athlete who was, as well as his brilliant mind, being an excellent student, according to the authorities of the Loyola.

An image of the National Bird of Nicaragua, the guardabarranco (momotidae), and two bottles of water, stand out as part of the monument, to remember that the boy died for the love of his country, distributing water among young people who were protesting against the Government of Daniel Ortega

"It hurts me to breathe," were the last words of Alvarito on April 20, when he was shot in the throat, according to witnesses, he was given a "sniper" by the National Police. The phrase was engraved on the base of the statue.

Humanitarian organizations reported that the child did not receive adequate medical attention because the government had allegedly ordered the hospitals to deny the injured protesters.

At least 29 children have died in the context of the humanitarian crisis, according to organizations dedicated to the protection of minors, who join lists of between 322 and 512 deaths reported by humanitarian agencies, who attribute the losses to "repression " of the government.

Ortega recognizes 199 dead and has declared himself the victim of an attempted "coup d'état".

The protests against Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, began on April 18 for failed social security reforms and became a requirement for his resignation, amid accusations of authoritarianism, following the hundreds of killed in the demonstrations.


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