Inaugurated the second edition of 'LPA Music Studio' in the Miller building

Inaugurated the second edition of 'LPA Music Studio' in the Miller building

The mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Austo Hidalgo, opened the edition / c7

130 registered participants participate in the initiative that was inaugurated this afternoon by the mayor, Augusto Hidalgo, whose program includes eight specialists in the national and international music industry and production

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The second edition of the initiative
'LPA Music Studio' was inaugurated this afternoon by the mayor of the city, Augusto Hidalgo, and the Councilor for Culture, Encarna Galván, in the Miller Building in the capital of Gran Canaria, a space in which
It will take place on May 4, 5 and 7.

The program of the three intense days in which some
150 people registeredmostly Canarian musicians, will learn guidelines and basic concepts with which they will be able to channel and consolidate their respective artistic projects and professional careers within the framework of the complex world of the music industry, includes a program of eight different workshops.

Augusto Hidalgo advanced in his welcome address to the participants who
«After the distortion of these last two years caused by the pandemic, we could not leave cultural activity unattended».

"This initiative is an important commitment at a time when the sector must continue to generate employment and economy." Hidalgo pointed out that
«We have a good product but we need to equip ourselves with the professional tools to launch it in a sector where micro-business is what prevails and in which artists must have the tools to position themselves in the market, especially when we canaries have the handicap of distance as a differentiating element».

«This is an industry that moves with the specific canons of the cultural market, but in many aspects it is very similar to other markets that what
What they need is the ability to position themselves and have the possibility of being visible in the national and international arena».

Promoted by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the aforementioned activity, in the form of
educational talks, It will present to the attendees, in the morning and afternoon, basic aspects with a view to consolidating their artistic careers.

The guests who will give the talks are recognized professionals in different fields of music industry and production in Spain and abroad., as Aitana Cuétara, from the Galician producer Luneda; Israeli Nani Noam Vazana and American artist Tori Sparks; Saúl Cabrera, from the British platform Emubands; Mar Rubiralta, from the Catalan production company Balaio; Cristina del Río, responsible in the Canary Islands for SGAE; Beatriz Ortega, member of the team of the first festival oriented only to women FeminaJazz in Madrid; Piotr Pucylo, member of the organization of the Polish festival Globaltica, and Julio Tejera, musician and producer from the Canary Islands.

'LPA Music Studio' is one of the three initiatives included in the generic program called 'LPA Music' promoted by the city council of the capital of Gran Canariawhich is completed with the fair
'LPA Music Market' (event aimed at the direct promotion of local musicians among national and international programmers) held last year in December, also in the Miller Building, and
'LPA Music Sounds'an effective tool for the foreign promotion of local artists and agencies that was present last October at the Womex Fair (Worldwide Music Expo) that was held in the Portuguese city of Porto and that materialized in the last call for the selection of five artists of the jazz genre to attend the specialized fairs 'Jazz I am', in Barcelona and 'Jazz Ahead', in Bremen (Germany)

From opportunity markets to self-management

The 'LPA Music Studio' program began on May 4, at 5:00 p.m., with the intervention entitled
to 'I have a band, now what?', that he imparted
Aitana Cuétara, from Luneda Productions. Next, at 7:00 p.m., Saúl Cabrera, from the British platform Emubands, explained how musicians can generate digital impact as independent artists.

On May 5, at 5:00 p.m., the artist Nani Noam from Israel will refer to the secret of self-management in a talk in which she will present the American singer Tori Sparks as a guest. Following this, at 7:00 p.m., Piotr Pucylo, member of the organization of the Polish festival Globaltica, will advance Tips and tricks for artists and agents from the perspective of the programmer.

Finally, on May 7, the activity will end with the participation, at 11:00 a.m., of the SGAE coordinator in the Canary Islands, Cristina del Río, who will speak about the role of management entities in the defense of human rights. artists copyright, To which is added, at 12:00, the Canarian musician and producer Julio Tejera, who has entitled his talk 'Record your album'. In the afternoon (5:00 p.m.), Mar Rubiralta, from the Catalan production company Balaio, will stop at the music markets, so that at 7:00 p.m. Beatriz Ortega, from the Madrid festival FeminaJazz, will conclude by talking about the peninsula as a market opportunities for Canarian musicians.

According to the promoters of this initiative, in this second edition of these days of
formation of the Canarian music industry, a more didactic format has been implemented in the program, opting for a selection of professionals specialized in each of the topics addressedthis time leaving aside the debate and focusing more on practical training.

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