Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Iñaki Williams goes out the door: marks two years later in San Mamés | sports

Iñaki Williams goes out the door: marks two years later in San Mamés | sports

Sometimes things happen, like the ones that happened in San Mamés between Athletic and Sevilla. They are strange phenomena, which in reality should be everyday, but by chance - or not so much - of football, they become extraordinary events. Like what Iñaki Williams re-score not one goal, but two, in La Catedral.

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The footballer of Athletic he has a hundred straight games of LaLiga, without losing any; he has scored seven goals this season, but since December 4, 2016, that is, 770 days ago, he did not score in San Mamés. More than two years of worrying drought, mental block for a striker, who lives precisely from that rush of adrenaline that causes the goal. The battering rams tend to be selfish by nature, some more than others, and need significant doses of self-esteem to function, and Iñaki his field, his hobby, were weighing him like a slab.

Until the arrival of Seville, and the 22nd minute of the game, when he was on the left wing, thinking perhaps how hard it is to take so long without getting wet at home. Dani García played for Córdoba, and the young left-handed player looked for Iñaki's career, which was focused until getting a good angle and ideal posture. Then he fired a cannonball and overtook Vaclik. A work of art.

It was the spark that took away from him the weight he had been carrying for so long: more than two years, 26 months, that tortured him like the Chinese drop. The goal made Williams grow, and dwarfed Sevilla. The striker started doing things that are supposed to be the forwards of another style. He managed, for example, to comb all the long balls, ahead of the central ones. Each career of Iñaki was a calvary for the defensive device that Machín planned. And San Mamés recognized it immediately. This time there was none of those masterful silences that allow us to hear the voices on the lawn. The fans of the Athletic responded as in the great afternoons.

The match was nothing like the one on Thursday, when Sevilla sentenced the tie without a problem. Athletic was much more concerned about the regularity tournament and confronted it with seriousness and intensity. He barely allowed the Sevillian team to approach Herrerín. In the first part he only got it in a Sarabia action that neutralized the goalkeeper.

Machín threw his men towards the red-and-white area in the second half, as expected, but Athletic did not back down. He raised the battle in midfield, and entrusted it to Iñigo Martínez when the Sevilla players crossed the first line. Banega He was not comfortable, Roque Mesa was lost in individual battles, and Athletic was still winning time.

Until the 83rd minute, when Williams reappeared, he got his back on his own field, he won the battle to the central control in the direction of the ball, he overtook them in the race, mocked the exit of the goalkeeper and scored by the angle that remained. It was another extraordinary action to relieve anxiety. To get out of an ominous streak, better under a canopy, or through the big door.

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