April 15, 2021

Inaem investigates other private bowling of members of the National Dance Company after the trip to Japan | Culture

Inaem investigates other private bowling of members of the National Dance Company after the trip to Japan | Culture

The Minister of Culture, José Guirao, said on Tuesday, in a public appearance, that the use of the name of the National Dance Company in a private gala in Japan, made by which on Monday an information file was opened the director of the group, José Carlos Martínez, and the 10 dancers who participated in that evening, is a punctual event. However, the UGT union has evidence of at least four other similar actions: two past, the August 5, 2016, at the San Javier International Festival, and the November 15, 2016 at the auditorium El Batel de Cartagena, and two others announced for the next February 23 in the Auditorium of Torrevieja and the April 6 at the Teatro Guerra de Lorca.

All of them are listed in the web pages of the theaters where they will be held, but not in the official touring relationship of the company, which means they are privately contracted, despite which they are advertised as " star galas of the CND ". Except for the San Javier festival, in all those reviews the name of José Carlos Martínez is included as the director or "designer" of the gala, which may suggest that it is an official company performance.

In some programs of these galas, as in the one of Japan, not only appears the name of the CND but several choreographies created by José Carlos Martínez are related in his stage as director of the group, so, according to his contract, their rights belong exclusively to the Ministry of Culture. In particular, fragments of Don Quixote (2015) and one step to two of The Nutcracker (2017). At the Japan gala also included a fragment of Don Quixote presumably without permission, since the National Institute of Music (Inaem) reported on Monday that he had not had prior knowledge of that performance.

The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music, on which the CND directly reports, informs that all parties are being heard to determine if there have been irregularities. It is being reviewed if there were past performances similar to the one in Japan and it is also being studied, if it is appropriate to authorize the permits to carry out the two private galas announced in Torrevieja and Lorca in the coming months. "It is going to put everything on the table to see if there has been bad practice and, in that case, that does not happen again," explained a spokeswoman to this newspaper.

The union UGT prepares, meanwhile, lawsuits before the State Attorney General's Office and the Labor Inspectorate to investigate if there was misappropriation of public funds and choreographies owned by the State and if the workers traveled without any type of insurance. The union will also request that it be ascertained whether they have been used for private purposes and without the permission of the CND.

Just landed from Japan, Martinez told the newspaper on Monday that the labor legislation has not been broken because the dancers traveled to Japan during his days off and he himself, as director of the company, gave them permission to perform at the gala. If those permits did not reach the management of the company or the Inaem was a bureaucratic problem, because "the person who had to finish processing them was absent at that time," he said.


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