April 21, 2021

In which box of the income statement is the union dues placed



Today, Wednesday, April 7, the deadline for submitting to the Tax agency the income statement. Thus, taxpayers in Spain, provided they receive more than 22,000 euros per year or 14,000 if they have more than one payer, will have to declare personal income tax of annual income received in fiscal year 2020.

During the period in which it is possible to make the income statement, many doubts arise, especially because we do not know all expenses that may be deductible and that they could save us money in this peculiar and difficult pandemic time. An example of this type of expense is the union dues.

If an individual is affiliated with a union and pays some dues to belong to it, by checking the appropriate box, they can deduct these payments in the 2020 income tax return. This can lead to a savings of between 20 and 35%, depending on the case.

What do I need to include the union dues to the income statement

To include the union dues in the income statement, it is convenient to have the Bank receipts of payments made as supporting documents, although in some cases the union offers a certificate with the entire payment made. It is convenient to remember that, by default, the Treasury does not indicate in the eraser the amount paid to the unions, so it is necessary to include it by hand.

Once we know how much has been paid in total, this amount to be deducted is included in the space reserved for ‘Quotas paid to unions’ of personal income tax within the section ‘Work performance’.

The box in which the union dues are added

To include union dues in your 2020 Income Statement you must go to the box number 14, in section ‘Work performance‘, where payroll or invoices are usually included in the case of the self-employed. In this box you can read ‘Fees paid to unions

Key dates in the income statement

As of today it is possible to make the income statement, but only through the Web portal of the Tax Agency or the mobile application of the same. Below we summarize the key dates that you should take into account:

Wednesday, April 7. CThe 2020-2021 Income campaign begins with the online presentation of income tax returns.

Tuesday May 4. A month later it will be possible to make an appointment to be attended by phone.

Thursday 6th May. As of May 6, the deadline for submitting the tax return by telephone begins.

Thursday, May 27. It is possible to request an appointment to make the declaration in person with the help of a technician at one of the Tax Agency offices.

Wednesday June 2. The income statement campaign begins in person.

Friday June 25. The term of the statements ends with the result to be entered with direct debit.

Wednesday June 30. The 2020-2021 income campaign ends.

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