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Thenumber of millionaires in SpainIt increased in22,100 people last year, which means an increase in11% in only 12 months. The figure is significantly higher than that registered in Europe, which was 7.3%, and also that experienced in the rest of the world, where a10.6%, according to the consultancy Capgemini.

Spain had at the end of last year with a total of224,200 millionaires,who represented a wealth of 653.2 billion dollars (566,000 million euros), half of all the money that the country produces each year.

In relation to the year in which the effects of the last great economic crisis began to be felt in the country, thenumber of millionaires has grown by almost 100,000 people since 2008, after having grown 76% in just ten years.

Fourteenth in the world

In this way, Spain remains in thefourteenth place in the world ranking of millionaire population, behind South Korea, where there are 243,000 millionaires, and ahead of Russia, where there are 189,000.

Spain remains in the fourteenth position in the world ranking of millionaire population. Getty Images

Around the world, the number of millionaires amounted to18 million people,which represent a total wealth of more than 70 billion dollars (62 billion euros), an amount higher by 60 times than what Spain produces annually.

These figures assume thatThe number of millionaires around the world has increased by 110%throughout the crisis period so far, since in 2008 there were only 8.5 million great wealth, which represented 33 billion dollars (29 billion euros). That means that the wealth of these millionaires has grown even more than the number of people who hold it.

In what do the richest invest their fortunes?

The main destination of the financial wealth of the millionaires was the Stock Exchange with 30.9%. Getty Images

The report points out that the returns of the investments of the great fortunesthey grew 27.4% in 2017 globally.The main destination of the financial wealth of the millionaires was theBagwith 30.9%. Followed bycash and equivalent liquid assets(27.2%) andreal estate(16.8%).

In addition, there is another booming sector,cryptocurrencies, which monopolized a gradual interest as an investment tool and stock exchange. Each time they have more prominence at an international level and achieved their maximum capitalization in January of this year.


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