Wed. Sep 18th, 2019

In what country of the world are there more millionaires?

The number of millionaires at world He fell in 2018 for the first time after seven years. It was a fall of 0.3% due to poor performance of the markets and a braking in the big economies. The assets they manage were also reduced by 3%, according to the latest World Wealth Report presented by Capgemini.

The worst stop region has been Pacific Asia, which loses 2% of millionaires due to the decrease in China, where there are almost 70,000 million less millionaires this year. It also lowered the data in Europe, 0.5%, and Africa, 0.7%. They escaped to the negative side middle East, with a growth of 6%, Latin America, of 2%, and North America, of 0.4%.


United States dominates by much

In U.S the trend is positive, since in the last year he won some 50,000 millionaires. Thanks to this stability, it remains the leader among the 20 countries with the highest number of millionaires, a great distance from the second.

In the North American country there are 5,322,000 millionaires. It is far ahead of Japan, second with 3,151,000 and a minimum decrease compared to last year. The podium completes it Germany, with 1,351,000, also with a slight fall. Spain, fourteenth in the ranking, has remained stable, with 224,300, only one hundred more than the previous year.

In general, large differences are observed in the following places. After China, which has 1,189,000 millionaires, a large step down to 635,000 France, almost half. After the Gallic country is situated UK (556,000), Switzerland (384,000), Canada (362,000), Italy (275,000) and Australia, that with 266,000 closes the 'top ten'.

Following the list, Netherlands (259,000), India (256,000), South Korea (235,000), Spain and Russia (200,000) have more than 200,000 rich. Already on another level are Saudi Arabia (191,000), Kuwait (188,000), Brazil (only South American with 186,000), Norway (170,000) and Taiwan (160,000, ranked number 20).

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