"In Vallecas people have memory" | sports

"In Vallecas people have memory" | sports

Defeated by Getafe, without having yet won at home and in relegation places, a part of the fans made clear after the game that the coach of the Thunderbolt, Michel, was one of their own. "This is his neighborhood, where he has grown up. This is his people and we will never leave him, "they shouted to him and the entire squad from the stands. Hours later, the video of that communion crossed the southern borders of Madrid and made it clear to the world of football that Vallecas has a leader, whatever happens. "I was born in its streets, I was captain and I played here for almost all my career. I do not want to be the focus, but people have a memory, I'm not surprised what happened. They have always been to death, "explains the technician one day after an episode that caused more than a tear. "It's because I'm Scorpio, passionate," he admits.

His childhood irremediably united him to the club of the rojiblanca strip. Miguel Ángel Sánchez Muñoz, Míchel, 42, son of "fruit parents" and anchored to "a working class neighborhood where there have always been balls to claim", gave the first kicks to a ball where now the team celebrates its successes, at the source of the Assembly. "I lived right next door, in the shacks of Madrid, as they were called. There my grandparents had a low house with two floors. My family was down, with my grandmother, and my uncles upstairs. Then the PSOE, I think, threw them to build floors of official protection, "he recalls. With seven and eight years old, he was aiming at the tickets that Rayo gave to the schools to go to soccer on Sundays at 12 o'clock, his mass particular; and, if not, he sneaked in with the friends in the buildings that are stuck to the bottom without tiers of the stadium. "We watched the games from the windows of the stairs. Well, in reality, only half a field, the goals in one of the goals we lost, "he admits with a smile, already dressed in the street after training.

So united was Vallecas that not even a call from the Real Madrid youth academy took him out of the neighborhood. "My parents were not very soccer fans and thought that I would be better studying. We had no representative or environment or anything that now surrounds young people. We were not children with a mentality to be professionals of this, "he says. However, it arrived. At the time of Camacho, he started training with the first team, and at 18 he joined the first team.

"At the beginning, I had two bad years, I was anarchic in the field. When I played well, it was very good, but when I did badly, we were one less in the field. That for the coaches was difficult to carry. One of them, Paquito, told me that he was the most talented player, but the one who was least going to play. I would not have lined up either, "he admits. Luckily for him, an assignment in time to Almeria finished centering him. In 2015 he retired from football after 15 seasons in Vallecas and as top scorer in club history (53). In the middle, two brief experiences in Málaga and Murcia, where the signing was the most expensive until that moment (2003/04) of the history of the entity, something that ended up being a burden for him.

"I feel in danger"

A victory (in Huesca), two draws and five defeats is the balance of the team in the first nine days. After not winning for two months, the game postponed (for the works in the stadium) of this Wednesday at home against Athletic and the duel in Girona the following weekend they start to be more than important for the team and also for the future of Míchel. "Of course I feel in danger. The reaction of the fans [tras perder ante el Getafe] It was spectacular, but who can stand a losing coach? It is impossible, "he says without hesitation. "I did not expect this complicated start. The category has penalized us a lot, we lack more determination in the areas. I feel that the players are engaged. In that I do consider myself a good technician, I am capable of transmitting my ideas. But if you do not get good results … There I have a come eat with me. I have to find solutions, "he explains.

In a year and a half of calendar, he has trained Rayo youth, in Second and now in First. It was the solution to a set that flirted with the Second B and, the following season, what ascended to the elite. As he sang this Sunday the fans: "He took us from Second, Lightning to the grave, Michel with you always."

"The First demands more than one technician because in front you have more talent. For example, I have seen that we must improve the second pressure movement. My mistake because it has taken me time to realize. The competition has put me on my site, "he says naturally. "And, in general, sometimes I forget to be close to the players, that they can also have a bad day, that they are not robots." Heir of Paco Jémez, who was his assistant as soon as he left the playing fields, argues that what he values ​​most is the relationship of "you to you" with the soccer players. "When you go to a group, if you prepare it, you can even get to it. But face to face, what are you prepared for? "He exclaims. "I've never cheated on a player," he concludes.

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