September 21, 2020

In two days, six LGBTI couples ask for the license to get married in Ecuador

At least six LGBTI couples have applied for equal marriage in the last two days, since the Constitutional Court ruling that legalizes this type of unions was published in the Official Gazette of the country on Tuesday.

This was explained Wednesday by Efe the president of the Silhouette X collective, Diane Rodríguez, who explained that four of the couples who have already submitted the request have done so in the coastal city of Guayaquil (southwest), while the other two did in Quito.

Of the four couples in Guayaquil, one was faced with the refusal of an official who attended them to process their application and who, according to the exlegisladora also insisted that "could not take the application at that time and to leave the number phone, he would return the call. "

Rodriguez added that other heterosexual couples, who were doing the queue at that time to request marriage, did manage to complete the process without problems.

"We had to talk to the supervisor of the area of ​​marriage of that module of the Civil Registry and that was when the compañeras received an appointment" to process the link.

On the other hand, Rodriguez denounced that some of the couples, whose application has been accepted, are afraid to announce the date of the wedding and to reveal their identity "for fear of possible reprisals" by groups or individuals opposed to equal marriage.

LGBTI pro-rights activist Pamela Troya, who has already obtained permission to marry her partner, Gabriela Correa, told Efe that when she presented her application in the San Blas neighborhood, she had no difficulty in getting her request accepted, which she defined as "beautiful".

The Civil Registry of Ecuador announced on Tuesday that it will accept petitions for marriage of same-sex couples, once a ruling of the Constitutional Court that legalized equal marriage was published in the Official Gazette.

Through a statement on their Twitter account, the Civil Registry invited same-sex couples "wishing to marry civil" to approach the institution to know the requirements, costs and specify the dates for the ceremonies.

The legalization started from Advisory Opinion 24-17 of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CorteIDH), on the rights of the LGBTI population to equality, non-discrimination, gender identity and family rights, which was issued in 2018.

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