March 7, 2021

In this article you will find information about companies and professionals dedicated to two different sectors


First, within the world of aesthetics, beauty and health, you we recommend a number of professionals that will help you take care of yourself; Some of them put at your disposal the sale of products to protect your hair and face from the sun's rays, as well as cosmetics to prevent skin aging, while others offer you the most advanced techniques in dermatological treatments and hair implants.

And, secondly, we present two companies dedicated to the digital world, on the one hand, regarding the photography sector, specialized in weddings and events in this case, and on the other, regarding electronic commerce and the cybersecurity. Belonging to different fields, what they both share is the great technological advance they use when providing their services, which will more than meet your expectations if you put yourself in their hands.

Should the head be protected from solar radiation?

Of course! The face should be as exposed to the sun as possible. However, the most dangerous area is the scalp, since it is not possible to use protective cream. So, you never have to forget your hat!

Do I have to protect my head even while under the umbrella?

Undoubtedly, approximately half of the solar radiation reaches the shadow areas. And, although the self-protection time is longer here, the sand can reflect up to 25% of the UV rays.

What hats is recommended as sunscreen?

Hats with integrated UV protection are recommended, which offer a lot of shade to the face. For example, wide-brimmed hats are suitable for women, for fedora and traveler men.

Do children need special sun protection?

Yes, children's skin is especially sensitive to solar radiation. Children's hats, with a high UV protection factor, provide sufficient protection to prevent sunburn. The models with cover are especially recommended.

A fantastic natural discovery- Biosplendor

The sun at the same time pleasant is harmful; it is a fact. Wearing a tanned skin while respecting its health is a challenge. In theBiosplendor online storeIt takes the forefront of scientific development to the most natural essence, providing you with healthy and related options to your skin.

They propose beauty routines based on cosmetic products from 100% natural ingredients and toxic free.

High natural cosmetics with master formulas and ecological ingredients of the highest quality. Buy natural cosmetics it is within everyone's reach at the click of a click; On the Biosplendor website you will find from a solar line that protects your skin with a physical and non-chemical barrier, to all kinds of natural facial products and organic hair treatments.

Your careful selection of natural cosmetic brands It is aimed at all skin types even the most sensitive; having even options of natural makeup super effective and respectful with your skin. Changing conventional cosmetics for healthy cosmetics is made easy with Biosplendor.

Do you dare to discover it?

Nina Merli: a vanguard center

The scientific investigation In the field of antiaging it has intensified exponentially in recent years. The application of new active ingredients and specialized appliances is increasingly effective.

This is something that Pilar Gaudí, director of Nina Merli beauty center (Granada), knows for sure. «It is important to understand our profession as a preventive way to face to the skin aging process, ”he says. «As well as making available to our clients the most effective treatments to prevent the appearance of these signs, or to treat them once they appear».

Nina Merli; known for the quality of his treatments, which begin with a determining analysis of the dermal profile of each client and their needs. Pilar Gaudí, an expert facialist, uses different work protocols that offer unique experiences, for this he combines the latest advances in appliances with the most effective cosmetic formulas.

«LPG Alliance, Indiba, or techniques such as virtual mesotherapy, diamond tip, or chemical peeling are some of the treatments we work with at Nina Merli. Treatments that act as a real fitness for the skin, capable of synthesizing and providing essential substances for youth ».

«The cells we infiltrate revert the atrophy of the hair in a very high percentage»

We interviewedDr. Alberto Candau, maxillofacial surgeon, next president of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and expert in hair transplantation, on mesenchymal cell therapies in hair transplantation:

What is this technique?

Through a small liposuction we obtain fat from the patient from which we extract some cell lines in our laboratory. In fat there is almost 250 times more mesenchymal cells (mistakenly called "stem cells") compared to the bone marrow. Then we infiltrate the patient's scalp and let them grow.

And what is achieved?

Part of the cause of alopecia, of men and women, is follicle cell atrophy. The cells we infiltrate repopulate the empty cell beds, reversing the atrophy of the hair in a very high percentage. We see this because the hair gets thicker and denser.

Can it be combined with hair transplant?

It is an ideal complement: with the transplant we put hair where it has been lost, and with the cells we allow the one that remains to survive with better quality.

Why consider the operation of hair implant in Bonome Clinic, without leaving your borders?

It is increasingly common for people to undergo hair interventions to improve their image, self-esteem and self-confidence. On the Internet we find abundant information on the existing techniques and a wide range of offers, but, in many occasions they ignore the most important thing: a capillary microimplant is a medical intervention.

Given this, especially when it comes to our health, it is very important to take several considerations before deciding something So relevant in our lives. We must have the necessary guarantees for the intervention to be successful and for this, we must also assess the comfort, advantages and benefits of carrying it out without leaving our borders.

Bonome Clinic, pioneer in the use of the hair implant and reference center in Spain, with long professional career, It meets the maximum guarantees. Specialized team in hair surgery that provides personalized treatment and medical follow-up necessary to assess the evolution of the intervention. In addition, it complies with safety and health regulations in its operating rooms; and the latest technology in hair medicine.

Dr. Candau passes a consultation in Madrid (RUBER Clinic: C / Maldonado 50) and in Córdoba (BAU Clinic, AV / Brillante 91). Appointments: 610 178 464. You can follow his Instagram as @drcandau or web

Vagalume photographers, the commitment to wedding documentary photography

The company offers its customers natural wedding photographs and without inns, away from the traditional style. Wedding photography has changed in recent years, far away were the traditional reports where most photographs were taken looking at the camera under the photographer's orders.

The most demanded wedding photography is currently the documentary, as they tell us Vagalume photographers; Pontevedresa company that offers its customers natural and fresh wedding photographs. They believe that a wedding report should capture all the emotions of that long-awaited day.

If the couple want a couple photo shoot the day of the link, this will not exceed 15 minutes, the fundamental thing for them is to enjoy the wedding and the company of their guests.

Excited glances of the bride and groom for the first time, hugs senses of close friends, that tear that slips down the face of the bride at the words of love of the father … are the photographs most appreciated by their customers.


The natural evolution towards use of infrastructure and cloud services, provides security policies and elements that provide a greater guarantee of protection, and for others they imply cost outsourcing policies that make cybersecurity tasks more efficient.

Now, the companies that migrate to Cloud should not forget the security of their systems and data, or think that they have this chapter solved by the simple fact of outsourcing. Since MNEMO We believe that any company must govern its own security, including the characteristics of the cloud in its risk analysis and managing threats, vulnerabilities and incidents, just as if they maintained an on-premise infrastructure.

Our methodology MNEMO ARKADIA It includes a roadmap that is part of the logical cycle of tasks to prevent and detect security incidents. From our SOC-CERT network we provide the ability to evolve through cybersecurity maturity, including virtual monitoring and incident management, regardless of the architecture model chosen.

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