In the UD locker room they are clear: "We are going to crush them at Gran Canaria"

Players, coaching staff and fans join forces at the Rodríguez López. / UDLP

The defeat in Tenerife only increases the desire for the second leg to come to pass the round. The squad has not the slightest doubt: "Here it will be different"

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

The air of revenge has been in the air since Iglesias Villanueva whistled at the end of the first leg at the Rodríguez López.
Tenerife took the first assault and since then there is only one defined slogan:
come back from the tie. Everything goes through Gran Canaria, which will be packed, as captain Jonathan Viera warned in Santa Cruz
("I see a lot of parties here, see you on Saturday there").

The locker room is clear about it and from inside they send a message to sailors:
«We are going to crush them in Gran Canaria»affirm sources from the yellow booth to this newspaper.
“Here it will be different, let them be clear”add an authoritative voice.

In this thread of hope and confidence, several players from the UD Las Palmas squad have followed in the footsteps of Viera, Kirian and
«We have 90 minutes ahead of us and all the support of our people. We keep fighting until the end”, added Rober González, who hopes to enter the starting eleven after once again leaving tremendously positive feelings when he entered the game in Tenerife.

Pejiño did not hide his desire for revenge either, who is getting closer to feeling like the footballer who amazed the entire island. In the Rodríguez López he added another 12 minutes of competition and wants to do it again in the second leg.
«Above that this Saturday we have a final. With everyone, for everyone », the skilled winger from Barbate exposed on his social networks.

One of the captains of the squad and indisputable in García Pimienta's schemes,
Raúl Navas, said that "this does not end here" and that in the confrontation at home "we will come out with the full support of our people."
"Always ahead"commented the experienced Andalusian defender, one more Canarian already within the Sports Union.

However, the expectation is maximum and all the members of the club are eager for the ball to start rolling. The revenge is already felt.
"Good morning, isn't it Saturday yet?" The delegate of the Las Palmas Sports Union Rubén Fontes wrote first thing this Thursday on his Twitter account.

The bus will go down through Fondo de Segura at 6:10 p.m.

UD will head to the Gran Canaria Stadium from the Cristina hotel and hope to reach the street
Insurance Funds at 6:10 p.m.where a real atmosphere is expected, as happened against Real Oviedo on the penultimate league matchday.
Las Palmas will not be alone, which is going to burst the Gran Canaria with a full to the flag. It will seem vital that the fans push when their strength fails.

No one wants to miss the welcome to the team to push it on wings towards the most anticipated victory and the movement and appeal began on social networks.
The one from Oviedo is going to look like a caricature in comparison.

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