‘In the spotlight’ and ‘Investigation team’ broadcast live today from La Palma

Antenna 3 broadcasts tonight (10:10 p.m.) a new edition of ‘The voice’. On this occasion, the four coaches will have to continue forming their teams with new talents who will take the stage. Luis Fonsi, Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborán and Malú will have to continue choosing the best voices to form their teams, which will have a total of 14 talents.

For its part, a new installment of the seventh season of ‘Got Talent Spain’ comes tonight to Telecinco (22:00 hours). On this occasion, the space’s stage will host the performance of a man who will beat a Guinness Record by performing repetitions with a 30-kilo hammer in a given time, in a spectacular and risky exercise of strength. He will do it before the astonished gaze of the public and the jury, whose members will go on stage to try to emulate the feat. In addition, among other performances, Edurne will start, for the first time already a cappella, to sing ‘Yanay’, the song she has dedicated to her daughter.

Cuatro and laSexta go to La Palma

The volcanic eruption of La Palma makes ‘Research team’ and ‘In the spotlight’ reinvent themselves tonight (10:15 pm) to make their first live broadcast to report in real time everything that is happening in the disaster area.

The program of Four announced the launch of this special edition that will be presented by Ana Terradillos (10:15 pm). From a production control, the journalist will be in charge of giving way to her colleagues Verónica Dulanto, Boro Barber, María Miñana and Alejandro Rodríguez, special envoy of ‘Cuatro al día’. All of them will inform in situ of everything that is happening in ground zero.

During the afternoon of this Thursday, the space of the sixth He also announced that he will be on the Canary Island with an installment entitled ‘The volcano’: “For the first time in the history of ‘Investigation Team’, this Friday we will broadcast a special live with Glòria Serra and her reporters from La Palma”.

George Clooney faces the perfect storm in La 1

What’s more, The 1 of TVE bets for a new pass of ‘The perfect Storm’ (10:10 pm). Gloucester, Massachusetts, October 1991. The Andrea Gail is a fishing boat captained by Billy Tyne (George Clooney), a veteran fisherman whose recent outings have resulted in very poor catches. Looking for a stroke of luck to change this bad streak, he goes into the Flemish Cap, a place beyond the areas frequented by fishermen. What he does not know is that the most terrifying and destructive storm conceivable is approaching the area where he works.


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