August 6, 2020

"In the League they rested more and we finished 5-1"

Piqué did not take long to join the calendar war, because Barcelona's central defender never loses a battle. "In the League match, they rested more and finished 5-1", said the Barcelona-born player just after the Sevilla match. Solari, in the morning, had assured that the subject of the calendar was "hilarious" and that Madrid had no choice but to take as a challenge that of playing in "different conditions" to those of the maximum rival.

Also Valverde, before Piqué, answered Solari. "Anyone can complain about this, Sevilla comes from playing on Wednesday and we too, it seems that talking more will make more noise," said the Barcelona coach.

This week, Real Madrid and Barcelona play the pass to the Cup final on Wednesday and La Liga is alive on Saturday. It is a week with a lot of tension between them and it is considered that any detail can give advantage to one or the other. The tie of the first leg at the Camp Nou leaves the return clash very open and everything can be decisive. Barcelona have played in Sevilla and now Madrid have to wait until the last match of Sunday to play. Then he will return to the capital and with the accumulated fatigue, he has to think about the clash on Wednesday. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, has all Sunday to recover.

"It depends on the club that says it will be more or less, but this happens to any team that says it, the calendar falls like that and it falls like that," Valverde continued, but time plays in his favor. "The calendar is funny, we find it very funny, but since we did not choose it, we took it as a major challenge," Solari had said.


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