July 24, 2021

In the last border of the Princess of Asturias | Culture

In the last border of the Princess of Asturias | Culture

Juan Luis Arsuaga believes that this year there have been two Princess of Asturias awards who have broken the last frontier. He knows exactly what that is since he discovered in Atapuerca the oldest European known. For the researcher and paleontologist are Reinhold Messner, the mountaineer who together with the Polish Krzysztof Wielicki has won the sports award and Svante Päävo, Scientific and Technical Research: "One showed us that you could climb Everest without oxygen and the other has open a new world to investigate the species, populations and the world from DNA ".

But if we ask others of the guests and juries who met this Friday in Oviedo for the award ceremony, each one has his preference: "Have not other women borders like Alma Guillermoprieto broken, playing it in journalism to tell us how few the Latin American volcano? Or an association like Amref (International Cooperation) challenging the impossible access to health in Africa … Has not Sylvia A. Earle (Prize for Concord) achieved it with her snooping under oxygen from the depths of the ocean to preserve protected marine spaces?

And Martin Scorsese, one of the few survivors in the lineage of John Ford, as Mariano Barroso, president of the Film Academy says: "I have come to see him. Scorsese has been the last to describe the existential hero as anyone. And he has put the form in a masterly way at the service of the fund. Not like now, that frivolizes everything by exchanging those elements, "he says.

Mariano Barroso: "I have come to see Scorsese. He has been the last to describe the existential hero as anyone. "

He is one of the favorites also of Aaron Zapico, Asturian musician given to the baroque that has incorporated to his habitual repertoire other names to honor the teacher with music of his cinema. To the creators of Baroque and Renaissance, Zapico has added Pietro Mascagni, for example, in order to accompany pieces of films such as Wild bull or Silence. The musician has debuted as a jury this year in the arts section and has been involved in the musical program of the Scorsese Factory, set up this year in Oviedo. Together with Pablo and Daniel, his brothers also interpreters, they know what it is to break the gap in music of several centuries ago in Spain with their group Forma Antiqva.

Zapico met this Friday a regular guest of the awards, the president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla. He plans to travel this fall to the inauguration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who also has a good sarao set up in the vicinity of his own border with the United States. On one side, queues of the disinherited. On the other, Trump prepared to form the army: "He is a madman who is going to turn everything upside down. But it has not come out of nowhere. Does anyone in their right mind still believe that they have not put there those of the oil companies and the arms industry to recover the land they lost in the Obama era? "Revilla exclaims

Politics through, the environment of reaffirmation and support for the crown was chewed in the preamble of the ceremony. Perhaps with a less hot temperature than last year, just bursting after October 1. But now, with Albert Rivera and Pablo Casado very interested in sucking on their arrival in Oviedo. With Catalonia in the objective, both visited the cradle of Don Pelayo and distributed tow. That yes that was in its day another last border …


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