August 1, 2021

In the institutional acts you have to be

In the institutional acts you have to be

The Madrid delegate of Security and Emergencies, Javier Barbero, has said about the absence of the autonomic president Ángel Garrido of the National Police festivity, that "in the institutional acts it is necessary to be", since in them "no one is represented party but to all the Madrileños ".

This was stated when asked about the absence of Garrido who did not attend the celebration for disagreeing with the protocol set by the government delegate, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, who according to the regional president wanted to "have all the leading role" in the event.

"Everyone will know what they have to do, I am not going to value what others have done, except the issues that have to do with the Madrid City Council," Barbero said, thanking the "institutional respect" of the Delegation of the Government.

Barbero took the opportunity to complain about the "ninguneo" that he suffered in the celebration last year, which led him to write to the then government delegate, Concepción Dancausa, "complaining about the ugly that was made to the City Council" in that celebration.

"Last year I was invited and the microphones arrived to announce that I was at the table of the authorities, to deliver the medals, and although they announced my name, when I went there they told me no," he revealed.

"According to what I have been told, it was because the director general of the National Police said that I did not have to be at that table, a representative of the City Council of Madrid, which puts 6,200 policemen at the service of the people of Madrid every day, this Sir, who was not even from Madrid decided that this kind of ninguneo was done to the City Council, "he lamented.

"I say this because institutional respect has to be for all parties, I am not representing a party, but the citizens of Madrid, all those who work in security, these 6,200 magnificent police officers," added the delegate of the City Council .

"Today is a day to thank the collaboration, because it is very important to know that we are in unison in a subject that unites us, and in which there is no need to do any kind of partisan reading about it, and it is the safety of the people of Madrid" he continued.

Regarding the absence of Garrido, "everyone will know what they have to do, I will not value what others have done, except issues that have to do with the City of Madrid," he added.

"If he has not been, I think that in the institutional acts you have to be", according to Barbero who declared himself "very satisfied to be here today", since the City Council "is working in depth with the Government Delegation on all issues of security, with a collaboration that started already in the Pride (MADO) and that was excellent ".

"There has been an institutional respect to the City of Madrid," he said in relation to what is being said from the Popular Party on the act today, has concluded.


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