In the footsteps of master Stephen King | TV

In the footsteps of master Stephen King | TV

Not everything is so easy. One of the great book sellers, Stephen King, can be joined in a project with one of the great sellers of series, J. J. Abrams, and the result, Castle Rock, (in Movistar +), It is not necessarily unforgettable success. The great Rafael Azcona already said it: "If we knew in advance how to achieve the success of a film, the cinema would be of the Banco de Santander".

Most of the information insists that it was not the adaptation of a novel by King but a plot that absorbs the atmosphere of several of them. Probably that effort to devise a plot to the Stephen King, counting even with the involvement of the author in the project, is what makes it a puzzle not as functional as one might imagine.

And here comes in, or so we suppose, the influence of J. J. Abrams and his aftertaste for time jumps, flashbacks, that temporary coming and going that will have to add a reference in chapter nine of the ten that consists of the first season to an alternative world. The puzzle becomes a brainstorm, that of the spectator. And despite everything, the series engages: it's the domain of the profession, stupid!

It was explained very well by Sissy Spacek, one of the protagonists: "I owe everything to King and now Castle Rock closes the circle, because who knows if I'll ever be able to interpret something so twisted, "explains the great revelation of Carrie, Brian de Palma's film 42 years ago based on King's first novel. Naturally the production, the casting, the production and the setting are impeccable, the power is evident. The action, the twisted action, takes place in a small town in Maine and a second season has already been signed. The plot of Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, its creators and fanatical followers of King, contains all the usual ingredients of the master: terrifying situations and characters, violence and paranormal phenomena. I would miss more.


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