In the first nine days of 2019 there are five femicides in Peru

In the first nine days of 2019 there are five femicides in Peru

Five femicides have been registered in the first nine days of 2019 in Peru, where the last victim lost his life today at the hands of his ex-wife and father of their four children, in a market of supplies of the Lima port of Callao, where he worked as a merchant .

According to the National Police of Peru (PNP), the latest victim was identified as Ingrid Arizaga Valdivia, 38, who died after being shot three times by the father of her four children, Sandro Villegas, 45 years.

The man, who works as a security guard for a company that provides services to the Ministry of Women, was arrested shortly after the crime and told the police that he took a gun from his work center and went to the Santa Rosa food market. .

According to the first investigations of the PNP, the couple had ended their relationship on December 24 and since then had not returned to have contact.

The first victims of femicides this year were reported on January 1 in the regions of Tacna and Huancayo, where the murders of Clorinda Laura Bonifacio, 49; and Daniela Torres Recuay, 22, respectively, both at the hands of their ex-partners.

The third life that claimed violence against women in the country was recorded on January 6, in the southern region of Puno, where Magdalena Suaña Manani, 29, was allegedly killed by a man she met the night before the crime .

The fourth murder was discovered last Tuesday in the Andean region of Ayacucho, where the lifeless body of Roxana Maribel Torres, 23, was found murdered by her ex-wife and father of her two youngest children.

Macho violence in Peru is one of the main problems and threats to human rights in the country, where in 2018 there were more than 140 femicides, according to figures from the Ministry of Women.

The new Attorney General of Peru, Zoraida Ávalos, said on Tuesday that she will order a diagnosis of the current state of the prosecutors specialized in violence against women, with the aim of giving "a real and concrete response to this latent problem".


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