May 30, 2020

“In the event of an increase in infections, we know much more about how we have to stop them”

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, has assured this Saturday that in the event of a rise in contagions by coronavirus, “much more” of the disease is already known and there are more means to stop them.

During an interview on the social network ‘Instagram’ with Jesús Calleja collected by Europa Press, Duque has assured that “the light is seen” by foreseeing that the worst of the pandemic has already happened in Spain, although he urged “to be cautious in the optimism”.

“The virus is still out there and it is very contagious. We have been confined to a very strong degree but we do not have to let our guard down. Now with the measures we have we will go down further but we have to watch because we may have to throw out back on something, “warned the minister.

In this sense, he insisted that we must be prepared for “next time” although now there are already medical and diagnostic capabilities. “We have to keep the level of contagion as low as possible,” he said.

In addition, the minister has pointed out that it would take about 1,000 days to test the entire population and assured that Spain has already found a way to reach a level of daily tests similar to those registered in Germany or France.


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