March 5, 2021

“In Spain there is no margin to reduce the working week to four days”




The Minister of Social Security, Inclusion and Migrations, José Luis Escrivá, defended this Wednesday that in Spain “there is no margin” for reduce the work week to four days. Speaking to Catalunya Ràdio, asked about his opinion about a possible four-day work week, he replied: «It does not seem to me that Spain is a country that, with the levels of productivity and competitiveness that it has, should give priority to this matter. I don’t think we have room for that. Escrivá has also stated that within the Council of Ministers this matter has not been discussed.

However, last week the second vice president of the Government and minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Pablo Iglesias advanced in an interview that Labor is exploring this labor modality within the framework of «social dialogue». “We have always been in favor of reducing the working day. The proposal is interesting and I know that the Ministry of Labor of Yolanda Díaz is studying it, and within the framework of social dialogue it will be explored because it would undoubtedly favor the generation of employment, “added Iglesias.

A day later, own Díaz recalled the intention to reorder the uses of working time and pointed out this issue will be debated when it is brought to the social dialogue table. “This debate is not yet subject to the social dialogue table, but it is the debate of the present and the future, in the sense that it is necessary to reorder times and adapt the day to people’s lives,” explained Díaz. Likewise, the Labor Minister specified that not only the issue of the reduction of the working day will be dealt with, but also those related to overtime or the irregular distribution of the working day in terms of flexibility.

On the other hand, Escrivá has said that “it is not foreseen” that the minimum wage will rise in 2021, and on pensions has indicated that “the objective is to maintain the purchasing power” of pensioners.

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