In Spain the ideology is not punished

In Spain the ideology is not punished

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, today responded to the PP that in Spain "the ideology is not punished", after the popular ones accuse her of allowing the former member of the Catalan Parliament, Anna Simó, to form part of the State School Board.

It has done in the control session to the Government in the Senate, in which the senator of the PP Cristina Ayala has asked the minister by the criteria that the Government has followed to name Simó.

"Do you tell me that it was mandatory to put an imputed one on October 1 in the State School Council? We are sure that something could have been done, since what you are trying to do is trample the Senate and make laws for everyone, but the regulatory power, which is what you have, do not use it, "said the PP senator.

The minister has indicated that the appointment of Simó is a "mere formalization of a legal forecast", since the current regulations state that the presidents of the school councils of the autonomous community will be members of this Council and that the former was a member of the Board of the Parlament is the president of the School Council of Catalonia since last June.

"It was named by an autonomous state in the exercise of self-government recognized by the Constitution, will this also question," Celaá has asked Ayala, who added: "Señora Ayala, in Spain we do not punish ideology, ideology it is not punished. "

The minister has ensured that in the same act in which Simó was appointed, members of the State School Council were also appointed to the presidents of the regional councils of La Rioja and Aragón.


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