In small talk he returns to Triana to talk about equality and communication

Different radio stations will record their live programs tomorrow on Calle Mayor de Triana this Friday, May 6

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

radio and television will go out again to celebrate the
sixth edition of De palique, which has been delayed for more than a year due to problems arising from the pandemic. It will do so this Friday, May 6, on Calle Mayor de Triana, with the aim of
promote interaction between media and citizens.

Under this initiative, Radio Ecca, the SER network, Canarias Radio la Autonómica, Radio Nacional de España, 7.7 Radio, Radio Las Palmas and Cope, as well as school radio stations, will carry out their programs outdoors to value and celebrate this means of communication. . Thus, the capital of Gran Canaria will once again become a huge radio studio.

Anyone passing through the area
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.they will not have to give the
on nor change the dial to listen to the radio, since they will be able to visit the different enabled sets and enjoy live how tomorrow's programs are made.

An edition dedicated to equality

“We return to the streets after the break suffered and we return to talking about communication in its many aspects. In the five previous editions we have touched on topics such as the environment, sustainability, transport, among others, but this year we wanted to dedicate it to the
equality and that
transversal struggle from all areas», highlighted David Mauricio, director of production of the promoter entity, Poster Eventos, in the presentation of De Palique held today in the Multiple Services I building.

He also wanted to thank the collaboration of the institutions and private entities that join the project and highlighted the effort made by Education, when selecting thirty schools from the islands to travel to Gran Canaria and attend the event . In this sense, he emphasized the
importance of taking youth into account and use the media to 'listen' to them.

Finally, he recalled the support received by the business network of Triana, Telefónica and the Elder Museum of Science, as well as the collaboration of the Government of the Canary Islands, through Education and Youth, and the departments of Culture and Equality of the Cabildo Gran Canaria and the council of the Central District.

For her part, the general director of Youth of the Canarian Government, Laura Fuentes, taking the words of Mauricio, assured that it is important to go out on the street again «
now more than ever attendance is very important and above all for young people, protagonists who must be listened to, given a voice, and on the radio they have a powerful tool of expression, a window to the future». To which he added that for young people it is "a right to be able to express themselves and for us, as public representatives, it is also a privilege to listen to them, to give them opportunities like the radio." He asked that we not only wear purple at events like these, but
the gender perspective and equality are taken into account from very young children.

Meanwhile, the councilor for Equality and Diversity and president of the Central District of the capital city council, Mari Carmen Reyes, recalled that
equality is a cross-cutting issue that must be taken into account in all facets and in fact reminded the media and especially journalists, the responsibility to make visible, use language with a gender perspective.

To end the presentation, Sara Ramírez, Minister of Equality, Diversity and Transparency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, announced that it is the first time that her ministry has participated in this event, something that she described as "a pride". Likewise, she highlighted the value of radio, the role played by "language, words and communication, with a common vehicle such as equality, transferring inclusive language to the streets." As a novelty in this sixth edition, the island councilor added that there will be a
violet point of information which will be carried out by the Red Cross, in charge of the insular awareness and information service on feminism and gender violence.

Fourth Regional Meeting of School Radios

Representatives of
some thirty schools in the Canary Islands from all the islands, with the exception of La Graciosa, will attend this event in which the students will present their programs and proposals whose main motto revolves around equality. They will broadcast their works live together with the radio professionals who will be present in Triana. School radios have become a real challenge for teachers who work transversally uniting the new
Technological tools with the different projects and networks that the center is part of.

The awards ceremony will be held
IV Contest of School Radios of the Canary Islands with the aim of making visible and valuing the projects that are being developed in the educational centers of the archipelago. In this edition, two contest modalities are added in which all public Primary and Secondary schools have been able to participate that include the use of school radio to improve their skills.

The term of presentation of the works began last February and ended on March 31 of this year. The participation modalities are De Palique Recognition for the best school radio project that stands out for its
innovative actionsand Special Mention of the jury to the project whose actions are aimed at f
promotion of equality with a gender perspective. In both cases, the award will consist of the delivery to the director of the center of some tablets for use by the students.

Talks, workshops and exhibition

As in previous editions, De palique will accompany the event with several
conferences and workshops of interest both for schoolchildren and for those who wish, which will be distributed along the Calle Mayor at different times. These will mainly deal with equality and communication. And as a novelty there will be the
photo exhibition made by the photographer from Aruquen, Mónica Rodríguez, with the exhibition
Women with capital lettersfor which he received the award for the best socio-cultural initiative from the Canarian Institute for Equality (ICI) 2020.

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