Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

"in politics you have to reach agreements"

"in politics you have to reach agreements"

The former US Secretary of Defense under the presidency of Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, said today about the "Green New Deal" ("Green New Deal") proposed by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party that "ideology can be very good, but in politics you have to reach agreements "

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In a meeting with a small group of journalists, including Efe, at the headquarters of his public policy research institute in Monterey (California, USA), who also served as director of the CIA aligned with the moderates of his party, who doubt the political viability of the plan.

"The ideology or beliefs of each one may be fine, but in politics you have to reach agreements, you have to get compromises, I think it's good that there are ideological debates within the Democratic Party, but solutions must be carried out and this requires compromises," he assured.

The "Great Green Pact" is promoted by an outstanding group of representatives and senators of the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party, headed by New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and has been met with opposition from both the Republicans and part of your own rows.

This ambitious plan, which will be voted on in Congress soon, aims for the United States to neutralize its greenhouse gas emissions within 10 years, by producing 100% of its energy through renewable sources.

The proposal has achieved a lot of traction among young people, but is viewed with suspicion by a part of the Democratic Party that considers it too "radical" and that can scare away a part of the electorate that, although dissatisfied with the policies of President Donald Trump, I would support a measure of these characteristics.

"If los y Ocasios (in reference to the popular congresswoman) want to submit proposals to a vote, go ahead, maybe they will pass or maybe not, but that is the process to follow," the veteran Democratic politician added.


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