«In my bag I always carry nuts, reds and avocado»

Silvia Abril is one of the best known faces of Spanish television. In fact, the fourth season of «Travelers with B». With your busy work life filming and days away from home, how do you take care of yourself?

-The rhythms of filming and recording affect our body, since they entail not having an orderly and structured routine, but that is why it is essential to try to take care of the food and to be able to provide our system with supplements and external help.

- Have you suffered at any time in your life health problems arising from work stress?

-I'm a mother, I live between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​fortunately I enjoy a good working moment and therefore I can say that over 40 years I am active ... With all that ... Stress? No, what's up! (laughs)

-How do you try to reduce that tension?

-Currently we live in a daily routine every time at more speed and with quite crazy rhythms, but that is why it is very important to try to establish time routines, whenever possible. For me it is very important to start the day training and with a good sport session first thing whenever work allows. I usually carry food in my bag to take care of the diet "between meals" and I love to end the day with my family. If you organize well everything becomes more bearable.

-What kind of food do you have?

-In the last year I have made several diets, but always advised by good professionals such as Xevi Verdaguer or Arantxa Areta. Nuts, red fruits and avocado are essential in my day to day. I usually carry them in my bag.

-Before he said that he tries to include "external help" in his diet. What tricks can you confess in that regard?

-Probiotics are quite common at home for years. For both adults of the house and the smallest we have them integrated into our routine with the aim of strengthening the immune system, balancing bacteria and also getting extra help to our body.

-In addition to taking care of yourself inside, do you have time to practice sports and take care of yourself outside?

-Yes, definitely. The sport has become one of my hobbies. I have a personal trainer, Lola, with whom I sweat as much time and as many days as the agenda allows. It requires me a lot, but then I appreciate it by feeling fit and very good about myself. I think that one of the keys to feeling good goes through the balance between food and sport and both have to go hand in hand.

-What role do you play in that gear of your general well-being sleeping?

-The dream is overrated (laughs). Rest is very important, since that is when the system recovers from all the incidents of the day. I usually try to squeeze the day to the fullest and fit dozens of commitments (family, work, with friends), but I am not excessively nocturnal. Of course, I usually wake up soon enough to start the day with energy and desire from the first hour. I don't have an average of hours of sleep, but I try to rest to recover ... as long as the little girl leaves me.


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