In Mexico there are registered 40,180 missing persons

In Mexico there are registered 40,180 missing persons

In Mexico there is evidence of 40,180 missing persons and in most cases they have their digital identity, which includes full name, date of birth, photograph and fingerprint, the National Search Commission (CNB) reported today.

The head of the Commission, Roberto Cabrera, recalled in a press conference that one of the objectives of the CNB is to know who they are, how many they are and where the disappeared people are.

"Of the purification of the records collected from various sources, the National Registry of Missing and Not Located Persons, which is still under construction, shows that the people who have been registered as disappeared to date amount to 40,180," he said. Cabrera

He explained that this figure is the result of a general base of 99.129 missing from 2006 until now, of which 62,436 were located alive.

Cabrera said that, through the Human Identification Working Group, the CNB "managed to identify more than 400 people who were in the capacity of unknown persons, some of whom were unidentified for more than ten years", and that twenty of them have "disappearance report".

According to data from Plataforma México, a technological base to combat crime, in this country there is a fingerprint registration of 36,708 unidentified deceased persons.

In recent years, cases of people not located, lost and disappeared, including victims of forced disappearance, have been increasing in Mexico.

Under the presidency of President Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018), of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the most mediatic case was the disappearance in 2014 of 43 students from the Rural Normal of Ayotzinapa by corrupt police officers.


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