In Marea this Saturday constitutes its new address without the presence of critics, who still do not recognize the primaries

In Marea this Saturday constitutes its new address without the presence of critics, who still do not recognize the primaries

The headquarters of En Marea in Santiago will host the act of constitution of the Consello. However, the 14 people elected for the candidacy of the critical sector, 'Entre Todas', will not take possession of their position, since they continue without recognizing the results of some primary that they believe adulterated by the outgoing direction to benefit the candidacy of Villares.

Thus, according to sources consulted by Europa Press, the critics remain waiting to know the result of the external audit commissioned to a computer expert before the suspicions that the voting platform, created 'ad hoc' for the process after dispensing with the previous companies that managed the system, presented "numerous deficiencies".

In addition, they demand that the coordinator publish the two audits ordered after the complaint against three members of the electoral committee accused of irregularly accessing the electoral census. This fact unleashed a serious crisis that remains far from being closed with the constitution of the Consello and that could end up in the courts.

In fact, the En Marea primaries have already reached the courts. Manuel Nogueira, a member of the outgoing Guarantees Committee and aligned with the critical sector, filed a complaint in a court in Ourense in which he assures that the coordinator committed "illegalities", so he asks for the annulment of the votes.


Thus, the Villares will control the governing body of En Marea after obtaining 60 percent of the votes in the primaries, which translates into 21 of the 35 seats of the Consello, which fall on Luís Villares, Ana Seijas, Francisco 'Pancho' Casal, Paula Vázquez Verao, Davide Rodríguez, María Dolores Candedo, Ramón Veras, Elena Cores, Adrián Dios, Carmen González, Xabier Pérez, Mónica Díaz, Víctor Álvarez, Teresa Burgo, Xoán Losada, Ánxeles Faraldo, Xoán Hermida, Lidia Senra, Marcos Besada, Iris Malvido and Javier Arca.

On behalf of the 'Entre Todas' candidacy – supported by Podemos, Anova, EU and the tides of Ferrol, Santiago and A Coruña – the 14 people who were elected are David Bruzos, Oriana Méndez, Xan Xove, Saínza Ruíz, Iván Rodríguez, Isabel Faraldo, Marcos Cal, Sigrid Campo, René Gamborino, Gladys Afonso, André Seoane, Julia Torregrosa, Borja San Ramón and Loreto Taibo.

In addition, En Marea registrants also renewed the Guarantees Committee, which will be integrated exclusively by Villares: Victoria Esteban, Xurxo Triñanes, Sandra Pesqueira, Héctor Vizoso and Concepción Rodríguez Fariña.


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