In Marea hurry the last hours to get a unique Galician candidacy

En Marea spokesman, Luís Villares, said on Monday that there is still time to articulate a Galician candidacy for the general elections next November 10 in which all the forces that believe in the sovereignty of Galicia participate.

In a press conference and a few hours before the deadline to register the coalitions, Villares has insisted on making a “call to illusion” to constitute a “unique Galician candidacy” of which In Marea, Anova, Commitment for Galicia and the BNG.

However, the BNG has already presented its lists to attend the state elections alone and Anova is currently negotiating again with United We can.

For Villares, however, there is still time to “join forces in a Galician and progressive space” because not doing so could mean that Galicia does not have its own representation.

"That sum could be multiplier," Villares insisted for whom no force should think that "it can encompass the totality" of the sovereign space in Galicia.

"No one would understand that someone was left out and put at risk the representation of a Galician agenda," said the leader of En Marea.

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