May 27, 2020

In freedom the father of Diana Quer accused by his ex-wife of trying to run her over – La Provincia

Juan Carlos Quer, the father of the 18-year-old girl murdered in August 2016 by 'The gum', he has been released although he will be investigated for a crime of injury after being arrested after his wife filed a complaint against him, in which he reported a Alleged attempt to run him over in a garage.

This has been agreed by the judge of First Instance and Instruction number 7 of Majadahonda after taking a statement after it has been brought to justice, legal sources have informed.

The magistrate, specialized in Violence on Women issues of this judicial party, has rejected the precautionary measures requested by the complainant, among them the one to establish a restraining order.

However, the detainee will be investigated by the alleged commission of an injury crime. The Court has been inhibited in favor of the judicial party of Pozuelo.

This morning Quer has been arrested in the Civil Guard's own premises after he voluntarily appeared. He did so after filing a complaint for insults and slander against his ex-wife at the Pozuelo National Police Station.

The crossing of complaints between the two occurs after an altercation that took place yesterday in the garage of the house where his daughter lives in common.

Research sources have told Europa Press that the incident occurs days before a trial is held at the request of Juan Carlos Quer to the sale of the family home, where his ex-wife currently resides alone.

The mother of Diana Quer He filed a complaint against his ex-husband for an ex-husband last night at the Majadahonda Civil Guard headquarters Alleged crime of gender violence. Before the judge, he has ratified the complaint concerning an attempt to run over and various injuries caused by his ex-husband on the face and wrist.

Quer, assisted by a lawyer, went to the police station of the Pozuelo de Alarcón National Police to present a Complaint against his wife for insults and slander and with a medical part that would reflect that she had scratched him during the discussion in the parking lot.

Rifirrafe between mother and daughter

In the courts have experienced moments of tension when the daughter in common has rebuked her mother that her father has never hit her, to which she has replied that He has even hit her. Both have been separated by those present.

Speaking to journalists this noon, López-Pinel has indicated, visibly nervous, that he is going through a "very delicate moment", but now expect José Carlos"comply for what you have done"He was referring to accusations of hitting him on a cheekbone, gripping a wrist and trying to run him over with a car.

"As you know, my ex-husband I took custody of my daughter 10 days after she disappeared (Diana Quer). It is continuing with the same dynamics and with the same strategy of manipulating my daughter. You have already seen in what conditions it is. I just want my daughter to return with me to be well and to be safe. And it is not, "said López-Pinel.

At that time, Valeria Quer has approached the place where he was making these statements and has repeatedly crossed out a liar. "Stop feeling sorry. Do not come here to tell lies. He never tried to run you over, ever ", he snapped deeply disturbed.

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