In four days more than 700 migrants arrived and four died

Image of a group of migrants that was rescued by Salvamento Marítimo near Lanzarote. / EFE

Yesterday a new boat was rescued near Fuerteventura with 47 people on board, three of whom had died during the journey

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

715 people -four of them deceased- in 15 boats is he
migratory balance recorded in the archipelago since last Thursday. In the past week
another immigrant had already lost his lifea sub-Saharan who was traveling in a small boat with 63 other people and who at first was not detected because his body was under the clothes of his companions.

In these bridge daysthe number of immigrants that reached the coast of the Canary Islands
it's coming to the whole month of julyin which just over 800 people arrived, according to data made public by the Ministry of the Interior, a figure that will be exceeded in the first fortnight.


  • tragic week
    In less than seven days, five people have lost their lives trying to reach the islands.

  • Increase
    During the month of July, arrival figures have already picked up compared to the previous one. Only in this first fortnight of August, will they be higher than last month.

  • 57% on the Canarian Route
    57% of the migrants who arrived in Spain in the first half of 2022 did so on the coast of the archipelago.

During the day yesterday there was a
new tragedy on the Canarian Route. In one of the boats rescued by Salvamente Marítimo near the coast of Fuerteventura,
47 immigrants, three of them deceased.

1-1-2 warned of a call received from a boat that was about seven kilometers east of
Great Tarajal. Towards the area went the
Guardamar Polyhymnia and asked a nearby vessel to check the warning.

three deceased

The ship confirmed that it had sighted her and awaited the arrival of
Rescuewhich at 00:35 rescued the people on board, including
three dead bodies All the immigrants are of North African origin, with the exception of one sub-Saharan, and among them there were 42 men, two women and one child, in addition to the three deceased.

It has been the last barge to be rescued after a weekend that has not given respite to the rescue services in
Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. The rebound occurs while the
President of the Government, Pedro Sánchezstill housed in
the maretawhich has drawn the attention of
DCorganizations that have urged the president to take an interest in the situation.


One of the worst days for the emergency services was
The last fridayin which they rescued around
400 immigrants from eight boats in waters near Lanzarote.

A seven-year-old girl disappeared and a six-year-old boy was hospitalized in critical condition after being pulled from the sea. He fell into the water after capsizing his boat along with other people, including a pregnant woman.

On Sunday reached the islands
153 people in four boats. One of them was an inflatable boat that was rescued near Fuerteventura and among its occupants there were
eight babies.

Rescue contacted the emergency services of
Morocco and these indicated that
resources were not available for the ransom, so
the Guardamar Polimnia came to his aid.

Another of the boats was located when it had already arrived at El Reducto, in Arrecife. According to its occupants, 15 people were travelling, but
I can only locate six. Another boat was found in the Morro Jable area, with 41 people on board.


Until July 31Interior had accounted for a total
16,718 people who had reached Spain by sea, at the same time as the
Canary Route has continued to bear the greatest pressure in the entire territory.

Of this total number, 9,600 people (57%) arrived on the islandsa number that means
27% more than in the first half of last year. During the month of July alone, just over 800 people joined, an increase over the month of June, which
will be overcome in the first fortnight of August.

President Torres, yesterday at the party in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria, in Tenerife. / eFe

Torres criticizes the use of immigration as a "political weapon"

The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, is "saddened" to see that parties that "were responsible at the time" in different administrative areas now use the migratory phenomenon as a "political weapon."

In statements to the media, Torres met the CC and PP's criticism of the government's management of immigration matters, in which they pointed to the "silence" of Pedro Sánchez, who is on vacation in Lanzarote, and the "loyalty submissive” of the Canarian president.

Torres recalled what he said "on the first day in Parliament" when he was sworn in: "this must be left out of the partisan struggle, this is a humanitarian drama", which is why it "saddens" him to read certain statements.

In his opinion, immigration is a "recurring phenomenon" that the Canary Islands have been experiencing "for decades", and that "at a certain moment, it was not the responsibility of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, all the resources -of reception- were eliminated in Canary Islands".

He elaborated that when he entered the government "we had no resources" and we had to resort to educational spaces, "then we pulled hotels" and finally resources were made available to "attend to the emergency." For this reason, he considers that "who has to answer" on this question "are the previous governments."

Beyond the political confrontation, Torres noted that in recent weeks weather conditions have been occurring that help to go to sea despite the fact that the Canarian Route continues to be "the most dangerous of all".

He referred to the data from the Civil Guard for June and July, according to which it can be concluded that "it has been possible to contain more people who were going to leave their countries of origin than those who have arrived in the Canary Islands."

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