August 3, 2021

"In five years that I have been president, they have not found a spot"

"In five years that I have been president, they have not found a spot"

The Andalusian president, Susana Díaz, has boasted today that in five years that she has been at the head of the Board they have not "found a stain", and she has said that one must be "very desperate" to "attack" her government with matters of "ten or fifteen years ago", as in the case of the ERE or the use of cards of the extinct Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (Faffe).

"I find it disgusting (the use of Faffe cards in brothels), see if I find it disgusting that the person who reports it and brings it to court is the Board," she stressed when asked about this matter in an interview in Cope. .

He insisted that if the former director of the defunct Faffe, Fernando Villén, is going to testify before a court in Seville for the use of three cards of this organism, it is because the Junta has "brought him to justice, he has denounced him".

The use made of these cards seems "disgusting" because any cost in brothels is "exploit women" and, if it is with public money, is "more disgusting," he reiterated after proclaiming himself "firm defender of the prohibition of prostitution. "

However, he has accused the PP of doing a "dirty" campaign and "confrontation" that goes beyond politics. "

"Their performance is typical of marginal parties when they are consolidating," said the president of the Board, who has reiterated that if the PP "is dedicated to go ten or fifteen years ago it is very desperate" because in five years " they have not found anything, although they have looked from top to bottom ".

He wanted to make clear that "absolutely" aims to remove "seriousness" to the facts, because any "deviation" of public money must "have the total rejection of who is in charge of a government, and more if it is mixed with exploitation of women".

On the case of the fraudulent ERE of the Board, has expressed his desire to clarify "as soon as who has done it and to pay it" because "we have been years with this trial and some have used it to load the image of Andalusia" .

On whether the presidents of the Board Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán will participate in the PSOE election campaign, he recalled that they have been out of politics for a long time and the situation they are going through is "very difficult".


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