September 20, 2020

in early July the incidence of the virus will be “minimal” if “we are all responsible”

A regrowth of coronavirus “can arise anywhere, where you least expect them”, and a “carelessness” is enough to provoke it, according to the Veterinary doctor, Juan José Badiola, who, however, indicates that in early July the incidence the virus will be “minimal” if “we are all responsible”.

Responsibility and “strict” compliance with current regulations are “essential” to prevent such outbreaks, Badiola explained, in statements to Efeagro.

He is one of the members of the expert committees organized by the municipalities of Madrid and Zaragoza to deal with de-escalation in these cities, an important process because “any mistake that is made” will have consequences.

In this sense, he detailed that the municipalities have to assume responsibilities and “that worries them”, because they must “regulate” the new life of citizens, with challenges such as the management of public transport that, for Badiola, has to be guided by the basic premise of reducing the capacity and periodic disinfection.

The expert has valued the effort made by the Spanish to confront the pandemic: “I would give them a good grade” because the “vast majority” have acted with “a lot of responsibility in a tough situation”.

“Since we have made a great effort, let’s not spoil it for any nonsense that some irresponsible people may commit,” he said.

On the other hand, he does not believe that political criteria are being applied to decide the phase steps, since it is the technicians who “guide” such decisions.

The phases aim to reduce the number of cases “to the end” and must be carried out “in the safest way possible,” said this veterinarian, who also directs the Center for Encephalopathies and Emerging Communicable Diseases at the University of Zaragoza.

Reactivating the economy is one of the reasons why the autonomies want to de-escalate and Badiola has admitted that economic activity is an “important” factor in society, but he recalled that “the first thing” for the economy is “that there be health” .


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