Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

In doubt unemployment benefit for 6,000 canaries over 52 years - The Province

In doubt unemployment benefit for 6,000 canaries over 52 years - The Province

The doubts loom over the subsidy forunemployed over 52 years. The incidents that are arising around the plaintiffs who are entitled to this help and the types of contributions are causing the slowing down of the procedures by thePublic Service of State Employment(Sepe), body in charge of applying the decree approved by theMinistry of Laborand that came into force just two weeks ago, on March 13. In the Canary Islands there are some 6,000 people who can benefit from this measure by lowering the age threshold to qualify for it from 55 to 52 years.

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The department that runsMagdalena Valerio-that today will be in a political act in the Gran Canaria capital- was quick yesterday to clarify the information appeared in some media about the problems that the subsidy is generating, when applying a decree that has "gaps" and that has forced the Ministry to prepare an internal circular to clarify various issues.

The Secretary of Social Policy ofCC OO Canarias,José Antonio Fariña, said that, after a series of contacts with Sepe officials last Friday, they were confirmed that "incidents" had arisen in the application of the decree once the theoretical beneficiaries began to request information and submit the required documentation to benefit from the subsidy. According to Fariña, one of the problems that Sepe officials have come up against is whether this aid is valid for people who have enrolled in the self-employed regime before being unemployed.

Likewise, the Ministry admits doubts and nuances in cases such as contribution bonuses linked to part-time work and maternity leave. Given this, it has been determined that this type of cases are postponed in their resolution so that the "gaps" that have arisen are clarified and it is denied that they are denied until they know exactly if they have a right or not.

The union leader hopes that this type of incident does not mean that files are stopped and begin to be denied. "There is a change of regulations and in two weeks we have to adapt to a new scenario, it is not something very different from what has happened on previous occasions, but we are waiting for clarifications from the Ministry and the circular that moves to the public service of employment to later see what actions we adopt ", adds the representative of CCOO.

The new subsidy for unemployed over 52 years entered into force on March 13 after being published in theOfficial State Bulletin (BOE)the decree law that regulated it. The increase in the price of this aid from 100% to 125% of the minimum base began, however, yesterday. The subsidy, consisting of a monthly aid of 430 euros, also increases its maximum duration, since it can be charged until the fulfillment of the ordinary retirement age, as opposed to the regulation of the Executive ofMariano Rajoy, that forced to stop charging it at the moment in which any contributory form of retirement could be accessed, giving rise to "forced retirements", as the unions have denounced.

Fariña warns that it was Sepe himself who alerted the Ministry about the problems they were having on certain issues that lend themselves to "confusion", especially in relation to contribution times. According to Fariña, "the processing of the open files has not been suspended" but the clarifications are still waiting to clear up doubts.

The decree law that includes the recovery of the subsidy for people over 52 years of age recovered one of the measures included in the2019 State Budgets,that were rejected by Congress because they did not have thePSOEthe majority enough. At the national level, 114,000 people benefit by lowering the age from 55 to 52 years, of which 6,000 are from the Canary Islands. The increase in the maximum duration of the subsidy means that beneficiaries can have it until retirement age if they do not find employment.


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