In Común-Unidas Podemos we present ourselves as "feminist, ecologist and pacifist" and avoid talking "about the past" in En Marea

The location of the Campus Stellae Institute in Santiago has been the place chosen for the presentation in which the heads of the coalition list have been announced: the secretary general of Podemos Galicia, Antón Gómez-Reino, for A Coruña; the former national coordinator of Esquerda Unida Yolanda Díaz, for Pontevedra; the exconcejala in the City council of Ourense Ledicia Piñeiro, by this province; and EU member Vanessa Somoza, for Lugo.

In this context, the candidates, and especially Díaz and Gómez-Reino have claimed their work in the lower house during the previous term and under the In Marea brand. However, when asked if they believe that their split will take their toll, number one in Pontevedra has announced that "In Common will not say a word of the past."

In addition, Yolanda Díaz has insisted that "the name does not matter" with which they present themselves because the citizenship, he assured, "knows perfectly" who they are and "to whom to vote". In any case, and in veiled reference to the candidacy of those of Villares, he has wished "good luck to all".


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