Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

In Comú Podem: Gabriel Rufián copies us

En Comú Podem: Gabriel Rufián nos copia

The commons believe that Gabriel Rufián I copy them. That imitates his speech and aims his ideas. The candidate of In Comú Podem to the general elections, Jaume Asens, in the debate organized by La Vanguardia last week: "Gabriel, you look like the commons!".

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The number two of the list of ERC has defended today two measures whose copyright claims In Comú: the referendum agreed and a plebiscite on monarchy or republic. The list of alleged plagiarisms detected by the commons does not end here. When Asens announced that his party would not put "red lines" to try to agree a government with the PSOE, Rufián picked up the witness and also spoke of avoiding the red lines. When Asens warns of the risk of blocking a progressive government, Rufián does the same and rejects the blockades. When we can agree with the PSOE increase the minimum wage to 900 euros, ERC says that it will go up to 1,000 euros. And so.

Rufián's profile is also closer to Podemos' electorate than other Republican candidates. It boasts humble origins, coming from below, the son of the Andalusian immigration ... The mestizo Catalunya claimed by the Catalan partners of Podemos. ERC even has in its lists to the Congress a former deputy of the commons: Joan Josep Nuet, and another one in the candidacy to the City council of Barcelona, ​​Elisenda Alemany.

Asens attacks ERC: "they can not be trusted, they embarrass us"

Rufián's attempt to approach the electorate of the commons has set off alarms at the confluence of the left. The polls predict a bleeding of votes that escape to the Socialists, but also to ERC. That is why Asens himself has spent all his time this afternoon trying to plug this leak and ruin the strategy of the Republicans.

"They can not be trusted," said Asens from Santa Coloma de Gramenet, where he has been accompanied by the local candidacy to the municipal. The head of the list of the commons has reviewed several of the "hits" of Rufián that, according to him, would demonstrate their incongruity: "there is no plan B", "these are the last generals to which we present ourselves because in eighteen months we will be independent "," 155 silver coins "...

For Asens, ERC and Rufián are false Republicans, because at the moment of truth they "back out" and do not vote to improve social policies. On the contrary, it has continued, when they have to position themselves, they do it for "the party of cuts and 3%", that is, for the post-convergent universe. This ERC "we are ashamed, voting Rufián is playing Russian roulette," he exclaimed.

The conclusion of Asens has been clear: ERC copies them.

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