July 11, 2020

“In China life begins to be normal”

The Italian is now the Guangzhou Evergrande coach

“Here the virus is controlled. In two days the quarantine is finished and I can go outside without any problem ”, explains Fabio Cannavaro on the Cope chain. “Life is starting in Guangzhou. The government has said that people no longer have to put on the mask to get out ”, he adds.

Former Real Madrid player and now Guangzhou Evergrande coach warns of the importance of staying home. “Let’s not give the virus a chance to infect more people. You have to control the temperature every day. The pity is that many governments in Europe have not closed before and there are many people with the virus. Governments have to close everyone, “he says.

Cannavaro has returned to China and, as is the case with all those who arrive in the country, he has to keep forty-four days.


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