August 11, 2020

In Campisálabos they have the solution to climate change

While hundreds of state leaders and environmental gurus meet in Madrid on the occasion of the climate summit to find a way to reduce toxic emissions, in Campisábalos, a small town in Guadalajara with fifty inhabitants, they have the solution to this stratospheric challenge. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the town has the cleanest air in Spain and the third purest in the world, just behind a Finnish (Muonio, who takes the gold) and another from Canada (Normal Wells, silver). So, alerted by the terrifying future that experts predict, we approached this municipality to reveal their secret. Evangelina leaves home as soon as we hear our car entering the town. Cross the threshold in slippers to be at home, friendly, happy and breathing deeply. "This is life, here there are no whirlpools or breathing problems," the countrywoman tells us. Her husband, Braulio, appears after hearing the noise. It is not normal that there are so many people on the street (we are six in total) with the day it is. "There is good air here, but the ears fall out of the cold," says the man. And it is that in Campisábalos the stations maintain their normal course, cold in winter and heat in summer. They notice the effects of climate change, but on a very small scale. In fact, they reach 18 degrees below zero in the middle of winter and have already counted a couple of snowfalls so far this month. Marriage recognizes that "here we play with advantage." «The fact that there is no nearby industrial focus, the altitude, which is around 1400 meters, and the wind so pure that it comes from the northeast helps to have clean air, but we also get it because there are almost no cars and then we are very aware of the recycling and cleaning of the rivers », recognize Braulio and Evangelina.

«No fancy wind»

The one who puts the most technical touch to the matter is the mayor, Pedro José María de Pablo Ricote, who, in addition to holding this position for years, is a physicist and an optional meteorologist by profession. He himself was the one who installed the town measuring station that awarded them the bronze medal. «According to the WHO, the annual average of PM2.5 suspended particles should not exceed 10 micrograms per cubic meter and in Campisábalos we have 5; in relation to PM10 particles, the annual average should be 25 and we only reach 6 micrograms per cubic meter ”, he proudly states with a series of unintelligible technicalities for laymen in meteorological matters. Experts from all over the planet have passed through this municipality in Guadalajara in search of the secret formula; In fact, a healthcare company is studying the possibility of collecting the air from the town and using it in medical treatments. “It would be better for politicians to come here and ask ourselves how we do it instead of organizing those summits and stories. They are the ones that pollute the most, look at Pedro Sánchez with the Falcon all day from top to bottom and then in the city with the heels that he moves, it would be better not to contaminate him so much, ”criticizes Pedro José. And it is that in a matter of cars (that during the year there are not more than 10 in the whole town), they also know a while. "For a long time we have an electric one to be used by the townspeople whenever they want, you just have to download an application, register and book," he details. On the facade of the Town Hall is the recharge post. In fact, the councilor himself will take it at the end of our meeting to go to a meeting in Sigüenza. Before getting into the vehicle, he recognizes that the wind, which hits hard, is his blessing and martyrdom. "It comes from the northwest and, as it passes through the Peninsula, it does not pass through industrial areas or large cities, so it comes clean and clean," he analyzes while he is going to take a scarf to protect his throat. «We have a family member who in Madrid must use medication to breathe and when he comes here or takes it. Neither fatigue nor anything, nor colds we catch ourselves », presumes Evangelina. "It is not almost smoked," adds this woman (Asturian by birth) at the laugh of her husband. "The Summit is not going to solve anything, look what happened with the previous", predicts the local. "It will only serve Pedro Sánchez to publicize himself, spend millions of citizenship and pollute more Madrid," says Braulio. In fact, as this newspaper published, only the visit of the official delegations will produce more than 20,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere for their transfers. «And for what so much plane and so much history ?, you have to do things, more action and less meeting. Before we all traveled by train and went at ease, what happens now is that everything has become a bandit feeder, ”she reflects. Braulio wonders that if the world's strongest countries, China and the United States, do not want to agree on the environment, how are things going to change: «What is this Summit for? Not at all, it's a pantomime, ”he says. Of the same feeling are Lucila and Pablo, who have spent their entire lives in the town and boast a humble and respectful life with the environment in which they live. "What a shame to see how the rivers are, what dirt, and then that goes to our fields and everything is contaminated," he says. And they are proud that they live longer in their little bubble of clean air. The mother of the mayor is 104 years old "and is so pita, very good of the head, I suppose that our air quality influences, in Campisábalos people live longer than in other places in Spain," he reveals. Honorio, 74, confirms it: his mother lived until 96 and his father reached 98, "and the Mariano is already 80, right?", He asks a neighbor with whom he drinks a beer before going to Taste a delicious paella. With it we went up to the air quality measurement station that has become another attraction in the town. It is just over 800 meters from the church, but we take the car because it starts to sparkle. Along the way, Honorio tells us that he is "here of a lifetime", but that he had to go to Madrid for work and, of course, "with the pollution in the capital" he was diagnosed with COPD. "In Madrid I have to use an inhaler three times a day, but when I come to town, no," he says. In the small top where the measuring machines are located, he comments on how they work and that the two girls who work at the bar come up every day to take the samples. "This is a pleasure," he says as he inspires pure air. What the neighbors do not like, and it is a shared feeling, is that now politicians are "so crazy" with this climate change but "do not care that the people are emptying." Moreover, the mayor, before saying goodbye, makes a confession: «I would not mind if we were not in the first position of the ranking of the towns with the cleanest air if we had more population, more employment instead. That is to say, that they put some industry so that people did not have to leave. Recently, a commission of senators approached Campisábalos to meet with the alderman and he gave them the solution against rural depopulation: «If they promoted fiscal measures that included paying less taxes to small entrepreneurs who wanted to set up their businesses here, many people I would leave the big cities, but it seems they have no interest in it, ”he laments. So until this happens they will have no choice but to continue showing off clean air even if fewer and fewer enjoy it.

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