Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

In addition to attending Coachella 2019, what can I do in Indio, California?

Además de asistir a Coachella 2019, ¿Qué puedo hacer en Indio, California?

The festival of Coachella 2019 It has already finished its first weekend, and the program of the concerts will be repeated next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Although the cost of the tickets can reach astronomical prices (up to $ 3,600 for the most complete package) most of the tickets have been sold out a few days after the start of sales, leaving the audience with nothing more than one "waiting list"For the latest purchases.

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Anyway, the festival is not the only thing that the city of Indian, California, offers to the unfortunate travelers who are in the United States without entrance to Coachella. The small American city is located in a very interesting geographical area, which is why you can make several experiences fresh air.

Indio is located a few kilometers away from the lake Cahuilla, where you can enjoy some relaxing days and various water activities. Around the lake, which is located in the Californian part of Colorado desert, it is possible to make excursions through the dunes of Algodones, a spectacular landscape. Also in the surroundings of the city are offered very particular activities, such as a visit to the botanical gardens that reconstruct the typical flora of the desert, and appreciate the view from the plane of the entire Coachella Valley.

The city of Indio, California, is located in a valley with unique natural characteristics

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